Meeting Tables


Office Meeting Tables

Office Meeting Tables | Meeting Furniture - Fusion

Office meeting tables and meeting furniture has a great impact on the style of a room, and the function it's used for. Technical meeting tables offer flexibility.

Video Conference Tables

Video Conference Tables | Tables for Video Conferences - Fusion

Video Conference tables offer layouts designed for viewing angles of screens, and from VC cameras, involving solutions for long and narrow perspectives.

Round Meeting Tables

Round Meeting Tables | Circular Meeting Tables - Fusion

Round meeting tables in wood, glass and other finishes. Circular meeting tables are an ideal shape to gather around without obvious hierarchy.

Folding Office Tables

Folding Office Tables - Fusion Office Design

Folding Office Tables at 1200mm wide, folding to 420mm. Versatile folding meeting tables with cable management.

Folding Meeting Tables

Folding Meeting Table Systems - Fusion

Folding meeting tables for multi use rooms or to create different meeting table configurations

Counter Height Tables


Counter height tables, stand-up meeting tables or bench tables, provide a more dynamic way to furnish an office meeting room.