Innovative Products


Computer Training Desk

Computer Training Desks | ICT Desks - Fusion

A flexible ICT computer training desk. This ICT desk is designed so that a classroom or training room can have multiple layouts, and converts to softskills format without removing any hardware.

Liquid Whiteboard Walls

Liquid Whiteboard Walls | Seamless Dry-Erase Walls - Fusion

Liquid whiteboard walls. Seamless dry-erase walls using a paintable dry-wipe liquid meets the demand for whole wall whiteboards.

Mag Graphics

Mag Graphics for Whiteboards - Fusion

Magnetic writable shapes allow the user a fast, bold, way of capturing ideas, presenting concepts and highlighting key elements.

Sliding Whiteboards

Sliding Whiteboards | Flexible Whiteboards - Fusion

Track-mounted sliding 'whiteboard' system is not limited by the availability of solid walls. Floor and ceiling tracks allow the panels to work in front of windows.

Meeting Pod With Sprinkler Compatibility

Meeting Pods With Sprinkler Compatibility - Fusion

Meeting Pods with ventilation control and compatibility with sprinkler and fire detection systems. Building partition walls doesn't need to conflict with office churn.