Office Meeting Chairs and Boardroom Chairs


Office Meeting Chairs

Office Meeting Chairs | Office Chairs - Fusion

Office meeting chairs are often selected for appearance, but the role of a meeting room impacts on chair type, and chairs have a big impact on the design of the room.

Managers Meeting Chairs

Managers Meeting Chairs | Visitor Chairs - Fusion

Managers meeting chairs are typically specified for meeting areas within a senior exec's office or within a meeting room suite where rooms are used by senior staff.

Boardroom Chairs

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Boardroom chairs offer the greatest level of quality, comfort and impressive appearance to reflect the use of a boardroom and the decisions that can be made there.

Stacking Conference Chairs

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Stacking conference chairs support high capacity conference spaces where seating numbers are regularly altered or omitted altogether. Stacking chairs must be lighter.

Folding Meeting Chairs

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Folding meeting chairs for use in meeting and training environments, or when additional chairs are needed in a meeting room for occasional use.