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Breakout Area Design Ideas

Breakout Area Design

Breakout area design can enhance an office interior. Open plan floors can be humanized by adding variety to the appearance. Flexible spaces help companies to react to business changes. Office breakout spaces are an increasing part of giving people the correct type of space for the differing tasks they do…called activity based design…especially when interaction and collaboration within a company can be as much as 60% of a productive working day.

An office breakout area design is a method of embodying the culture of a company and creating time for team interaction away from a desk, but within the workplace. Breakout spaces help to balance the office, giving an alternative to functional office space that can be overpowering in larger floorplates.

Successful Breakout Design

One important tip for a successful breakout area is to make it feel inhabited….the personal touch separates airport lounge from domestic lounge.

Designing an office breakout zone should start with the purpose of the space…a quiet but informal space, a lively and uplifting zone, spaces that support meeting rooms…all variations in breakout areas will have a different design approach. Clearly defining how a breakout space is to function will significantly improve the chance of getting it right. Mixed breakout area design is often the reason a breakout space fails to get used regularly enough to warrant the allocation of floor area.