Bespoke Office Furniture & Joinery

Bespoke Office Furniture and joinery designed and manufactured to your unique requirements. Fusion design and produce bespoke office furniture and joinery items for any conceivable requirement. 

Bespoke office furniture differs from joinery in that furniture is designed to be relocated, and viewed from any angle, whereas joinery is a fitted item designed for a single location and typically not manufactured with 360 degree finishing.

Designing joinery and custom made furniture involves creation of unique items with proportion and visual balance, application of practical considerations including ergonomics, installation, cabling and hardware, integration of storage, and 'marriage' of budget to cost. Fusion are adept at recommending diverse materials which can elevate an ordinary item to a wonderful piece, but we won't design bespoke furniture that cannot practically be made or that won't stand the test of time.

Contact Fusion for a free design discussion, advice on materials, or a guide to the likely costs.

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