Folding Conference Tables

Folding Conference And Boardroom Tables

Folding conference tables and folding boardroom tables often need to be 'multifunctional' reconfigure, to be easily removed, and to work in a number of different formats. Folding conference and boardroom tables typically require cable management, and ideally should operate with just one person to reconfigure.

Tables pictured here offer a high-end solution to the demand for flexible conference room furniture. Each section has folding leaves so that tables can be moved, offering multi-purpose solution to meeting, conference and boardrooms. These folding conference tables are with wheels, have integral cable outlets, and when fully confgured look as close to a static conference table as possible. 

This sytem is designed to be an impressive folding conference table with outlets and the ability to easily fold and move. Tables are supplied with profiled solid timber edges, contrast or matching veneers and optional inlays. Folding conference tables with wheels need to be stable and solid, just as regular static conference tables, and this range has excellent stability yet is easy to move.

folding conference tables 2

Each leaf is supported by pull-out legs to support the leaves. The legs retract to allow each leaf to fold. Sections are joined by linking brackets. To fold these conference tables is a one person exercise without any heavy lifting. Tables are very solid and stable yet easy to move when folded.

Dynamic, user friendly and finished to market leading standards, this system is a stunning centre piece of any boardroom and conference room with the added advantage of flexibility. Able to be specified in a tremendous number of styles and finish options, from contemporary to classic.

Conference Table Configuration

Fusion survey your conference room(s) and space plan the folding conference tables to best fit the room, creating plans for all the possible table configurations. We'll advise on floorbox layout, viewing angles and the potential seating numbers. Investment in dynamic conference furniture achieves a greater return on your property asset because the rooms can be multi-purpose, in use for more of the working week. As tables become better utilised the investment in very high quality conference furniture becomes more worthwhile.

Try Flip Top Boardroom Tables or Sectional Conference Tables as alternatives to Folding Conference Tables.

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