Relocating Office

Office Relocation

Relocating office involves a series of questions or parameters to 'scope' the project. Having answers or defined requirements to these questions will be a valuable brief. 

Relocation Criteria

Fusion offer a thorough researched report on the amount of office space needed, the type of space, location and building features using our Building Assessment service. The report develops cost-saving analysis to give your building search a quantified basis for decision making. A report includes sections on the following criteria -

How much office space is needed?

The quick answer is to calculate your known headcount and add 35% for growth. Then workout a space per head for an overall space requirement. Currently central London fit-outs are achieving between 70 square foot and 140 square foot per person. Fusion can advise on a sensible figure within this range. Our skill and expertise gained as one of Londons interior office design companies helps in the creation of an encomassing review of relocation.

Office Relocation Critical Path

A high level critical path is a must-have. Using a six-stage process, set sequential dates for each stage -

1. Analyse
2. Design
3. Specify
4. Implement
5. Install
6. Occupy

Once dates are defined its much easier to communicate priorities and set deadlines knowing the timeframe.
Click here to see our detailed Project Management template 

Evaluating the Building

Comparing offices can be subjective, but adding detailed analysis can be invaluable. Location, cost and size are the headline parameters. Beyond these, looking at space usability, M&E infrastructure, service charge costs, restrictions in the Lease, flexibility of the architecture and services, and compliance with prevailing building regulations all combine to make a strong argument for or against an office. Fusion offer a detailed building evaluation report to compare shortlisted options.

Search and Legals timescale

A useful rule of thumb is to allow 3-6 months for an acquisition search and 3 months for Legals. Allowing a further 8 - 12 weeks for fit out is sensible. The process can be much swifter but these timescales are not unusual.

Consider staying in your current office

Many office relocations wrongly assume your current office is at capacity. An office re-plan can often achieve 20% increases in capacity, putting off a move for 18 months or longer. An uplift in capacity does have a cost associated and the value needs to be assessed. Fusion offer the detailed space planning and budgeting needed for an informed decision.

Budgeting and cost control

Using our detailed Fit Out Costs spreadsheet is a quick and easy route to establishing a realistic budget. Time spent in the design stage to fully scope out the project is a critical step in preventing cost overruns. In most cases unforseen costs are the result of insufficient analysis and consultation long before a project ever gets to site.

Contact Fusion for an office relocation checklist, advice on scoping the project, or a quote for office relocation project management.