Office Design Trends 2017

Office design is constantly evolving and changing, with certain trends and designs becoming outdated and new ones taking centre stage. Well 2017 is no different, with lots of new office design trends set to take hold, it’s important to make sure your office is ready for the new year. Whether your office needs a complete refit or if it simply needs a few parts changing to bring it up to the standards of 2017. Year on year the importance of good office design has become more and more prevalent and important to ensure your workplace can meet current standards as a functioning workspace.

Office Design Trends 2017

Trends to Watch Out For

Office design is an important to any office space no matter how big or small a company is. Whether you’re a two man office of a multi-national corporation, it’s important to ensure your office is designed in a way that will not only showcase your company but also in a way that will improve work rate efficiency. From a modern open plan space to one man work stations, having the right balance of work and fun can greatly improve the look of your office and how the people in it function. Although we can’t predict all the trends for office, we have compiled together a few design trends that we think are going to make an impact on 2017.

Office Pods

Just as office tech has reduced in size so the need for smaller enclosed spaces has become a recent trend. Office pods are an answer to demand for small enclosed spaces. These can be for single person phonce conversations, small concentration or office pods, up to a meeting room sized zone. The big advantage with a pod is the flexibility. To change the layout simply move the pods. Over a period of time an office pod is a good investment compared to conventional partitioning and is an asset that can travel.

office pods

Flexible Layouts

With advancing technology and working environments getting busier, a well designed workplace should make the office space more suitable for the task at hand and also improve how your staff work. Workspaces shouldn’t be about just giving staff a place to work in but should also be about being flexible in how your staff can work. Developing areas that can easily adapted or changed to suit the working environment will be an import part of design in 2017. From hot desking to foldable boardroom tables, the future is flexible. Smart choices when it comes to office furniture and the design of flexible items and rooms, will allow for a more flexible workplace for your staff to work in. Making the most use of expensive office space has encouraged greater use of multi-role areas and dual purpose furniture.

A lot of people ask us about meeting spaces, so we have taken the time to compare meeting pods and meeting rooms. Hopefully our comparison will help you with your decision making. 

Flexible Working

Mobility and Flexible Working are the foremost trends on the minds of managers and business owners. With more than 60% of staff saying they'd change jobs to achieve a more flexible working setup, this is a powerful driver in business. There are upsides to flexible working for the employer as well as for the employee. Productivity can be improved when an employee has control of when and where to work. Indeed studies have shown that control is a valuable aspect for staff in relation to flexible working. The added dimension of avoiding rush-hour also has benefits with a quarter of staff saying their commute is a waste of time. 

On the flipside of this office design must be used to get the most from the occupied space. Work lounges, concentration zones, and team spaces are much more in evidence as remote working flexibility undermine the 5-day office presence. Office interiors must be responsive to the need to gather as and when diaries overlap.

Flexible Meeting Spaces

Future Proof Design

With design trends always changing, and more coming and going year on year, it’s time to future proof the design of your office space. As well as flexible workspaces and furniture, choosing modular furniture and changeable zones will ensure your office is ready to change, when change is needed. Cleverly placing enough wall sockets, power stations and data hubs around the office, will make it easier to change around the design and furniture in your office space.

Integrated Technology

Year on year integrated technology is an essential part of any office space and 2017 is no different. If you’re planning an office fit out or office refurbishment to start off the new year, then it’s important to make integrated technology a part of it. With more and more offices embracing technology and the use of wireless devices, then integrating things such as interactive screen and wireless charging stations is an important part of any office design.

Design, Technology, Productivity


Designing office spaces that improve and support productivity, ensures staff are happy and healthy in the office space. Offices based around productivity have become of one the important foundations when it comes to designing an office space. It has been proven that offices that are designed in the right way and with the right balance of open and shut areas and the correct choice of furniture can greatly improve the productivity, health and happiness of staff; which can in turn lead the less staff turnover and improved employee attendance records. Furniture and spaces such as sit-stand workstations, private zones, breakout areas and the correct lighting, can increase the productivity and well being of your staff.

Bring the Outdoors In

2017 is the year to embrace the outdoors, stop leaving it out in the cold and start bringing it into the office. Although it may seem like a scary thought to bring thing that belong outside into the office space, it’s not a bad as it may seem. Most office workers spend around 8 hours or more in the office space, that’s around the same amount of time the average person spend sleeping. By bring a bit of the outside into workplace, such as living walls or indoor gardens, can create a more natural environment that improves air quality and also the working relationship of staff. With areas to relax in or a garden based carpet, simple warm and inviting touches can vastly improve the appearance and the well being of staff. Fake grass is an example of a garden based flooring that has started to become incredibly popular throughout offices in the UK and the US.

Office Plants

Broken Plan Office Design

The crossover between residential design and commercial office interior design is becoming ever more common. So the trend for 'broken plan office design' is gathering pace on the back of broken plan design for living spaces. Broken plan forms a partial split between zones and adds design features or practical space division but in a lighter and less rigid form. A good example of broken plan office design is our sliding whiteboard system which is used in offices both in the UK and the US. Broken plan design aims to reduce the negatives associated with full open plan. These include difficulty with concentration and being easily distracted as well as background noise. Adding partial breaks and better zoning can improve open plan working without eliminating the benefits or adding greatly to the cost.

broken plan office design

Develop Your Office Space

Let 2017 be the future of your office space, adapt the space of your office with flexible furniture and office spaces, don’t be afraid to bring the outside inside, while also incorporating technology into the mix. Although it may seem like a big job, most office spaces have the foundations already and simply don’t realise it. With the help of an experienced and professional office design service, whether it be office refurbishments or office fit outs, you’ll be able to improve your office design.