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11 Things that can Help to Improve an Office-based Business

Should you work in an office, you’ll understand the positives and negatives that come from working in these types of places. When it comes to dreaded Monday mornings to the excitement of Fridays, your working week may drag or fly by.

Working in an office can affect you in two ways, through contributing to your happiness or adding to your stress. Everyday stressed can come from a range things and there’s a number of factors that can actually contribute to a person’s happiness. Being a business owner, it’s vital that you understand what areas can influence your colleague teams, the functionality of your workplace and how your business grows.

So, we have looked at the 11 things that can make or break an office-based business and have included a range of improvements. Let’s begin!

1. Colour of the Walls

Surprisingly, the colour of the walls in your office, can really affect the way your workplace performs. Dark colours can give off the impression of negative feelings, whilst bright and light colourings encourage positivity and can contribute towards the working environment effectively. By finding a balance, it can be difficult, but you can research and see which colours will work best for you and your colleagues.

With the colour of the paint, considering the quality and the way it’s applied is also important. If you’re in an industrial type environment, then you may need an industrial paint or coating. However, if your office is a part of an office block, it could be a better idea to consider how the office is painted inside.

Promain Paints are a product leader when it comes to industrial/commercial paint solutions. They are able to help you find a suitable coating as well as talk to you about the best methods for application.


2. Interior Design

There’s also a range of other decorative furnishings which can also contribute to the overall performance of your office. Having too much décor could be distracting, whilst having less on show, could deem boring and promote an environment which people don’t want to work in. Being a business owner or someone in charge means that it’s important that you help create an environment and working atmosphere that your colleagues want to work in, so it’s important to consider the way your interior décor is used to help create a positive working environment.

Utilising branding and signage should be one of your top priorities when looking at the way your office is decorated. Branding will play an integral part of everything your company wants to do and portray in their brand. Without effective branding, your colleagues won’t fully support the business and the values you work to. Having a branded space, uniform and supporting marketing materials will help to make sure your business and all your employees portray themselves in the upmost professional way. Simply ask SignStar, being experts in the area means that can help.

Utilising signage is one of the best ways you can get your brand and message across, not just to your colleagues, but also your customers and clients. Bad signage can have a negative effect on an office, so it’s important to take the time out and find a good sign company that ensure expertise and quality signage products. A1deSIGNS offer a range of products to ensure that your business will look the upmost professional, whether you’re looking for directional signage, branded signs or visual merchandising, there’s a handful of ways you can improve your office using signs.

3. Furniture

It can be a big problem when there’s not enough furniture, such as chairs, or they’re broken, especially at work. When it comes to office furniture, there’s a number of things to consider to ensure they create a positive impact on your furniture.

  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Flexibility & Functionality
  • Cost
  • Needs of Employees
  • Aesthetic Value and Brand Identity
  • Cleanliness

By understanding and considering all these points, it will help you to design an office that people want to work in.

Fusion Office Design are experts when it comes to the design and refurbishment of office interiors, they include a range of flexible furniture options that can help you to build a successful office environment.

4. Flooring

The flooring within your office can play a big part of your office design, old carpets and dirty flooring can encourage negativity in the workplace, having clean and fresh flooring can encourage positive vibes among employees. If it’s been a while since you had a new floor installed, it’s time to show it some care and attention, you could try a number of different flooring options out or even try a carpet cleaner.

Henderson’s Flooring is a market leader when it comes to commercial flooring, with a number of carpet tiles and wood flooring options available to suit the theme of your office.


5. Air Conditioning

The temperature in your office is also another area to consider, whether it’s freezing cold or sweltering hot, it’s important the temperature if right for your colleagues. Work rate and productivity can decrease rapidly when it comes to working in uncomfortable environments, it’s vital to consider the temperature of the room on a daily basis. If you’ve already had a decent central heating system for the winter months, it’s an idea to invest in a fan or two around the office for the summer months. The more your business grows, you’ll probably require more than just a few fans when it comes to cooling down the office…

When it comes commercial air conditioning, there’s a range of options to suit a number of premises, whether they’re small, medium or large size. Depending on the number of people you need to cater for will depend on the type of air conditioning you need. The team at EnviroCool can help you to choose the type of air conditioning you’ll need for your office.


6. Power

If you’ve ever worked in an office that undergoes a power failure, you’ll understand the implications. In the world of business, time is money and it’s vital that you consider a backup power source in case the office suffers a power cut.

Bellwood Rewinds is a generator company that specialises in a range of commercial generator sets for a variety of uses in the industrial and commercial sectors. They have a wide range of generators on offer including being suitable for small, medium and large companies which are in need of an alternative/backup power source.

It’s important that you’re smart… Don’t wait for the power in your premises to go down before you act. Invest in a new diesel generator, it will prevent downtime in the event of a possible blackout.


7. Communications

Another vital part of your office includes communications, the power might still be working, but what if your phones or internet cease working. No matter what type of business you run and how many colleagues you employ, if communications go down, it can be a nightmare. It can mean that customers may not be able to contact you and could take their custom elsewhere.

Ensure your communications are running smoothly, employ an IT company such as Eclipse ICT, they can make sure everything is networked correctly, should you not be happy with the phone or broadband you have in your office, why not consider switching to another provider. ITS Telecom offer a number of cheap broadband deals, including new phone systems and email hosting which will ensure all communications are as effective as possible.


8. Software

When it comes to the software you use, it’s a vital part of your business computing, so it’s important that you choose a good software company to make sure your office works efficiently.

Should your office software be poor, outdated or non-existent, it may be time to consider having your software updated to streamline the way you work. Dolphin Networks are specialists in business development consulting and provide a selection of software solutions to ensure your business operates at maximum capacity. Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Business Intelligence are just some examples of how they can help you with your office software.


9. Security

Security is another important area when it comes to office based businesses, some premises are full of expensive technology and others will have confidential information that needs protecting. Security means a number of things, including making sure your colleague abides by your rules, this covers CCTV installations. You can also ensure your office is safe from any external threats that may occur, this includes roller shutters and other security points to make sure your office is protected from intruders. Today, we advise that you do everything you can to protect your systems from hackers, this includes securing your server, your website, your emails and all of your software to ensure if safe from hackers.

When you move into a new premises, it’s a wise idea to get new locks fitted. A local locksmith will be able to install these for you, providing you with new keys that will ensure no one else can gain entry to your building with old keys. Specialists in roller shutters and other commercial security products should also be considered to help you protect your business.


10. Printed Media

When it comes to print, no matter what industry you work in, it’s always very important. For office based businesses, print material is a big part of day to day operations. From business cards to compliment slips and letterheads, through to leaflets and brochures, all areas need to be covered. Internal documents should be given some thought in order to make sure the branding and identity is present in your workplace. First impressions count so make the most of your printed material and give your business the professional edge it needs.

Wensum Print specialise in print and design for businesses of all sizes. They can help you with your branding and office stationery as well as ensuring all customers are impressed by what you have to offer.


11. Illness

A big issue in the workplace tends to be sickness and people taking time off work when they’re ill. When it comes to the winter, you can always guarantee that some of your employees may catch colds, bugs and virus’, meaning they’ll have to take some time off work. The more staff you have, the more people you’ll have off which can be harmful to the amount of work that gets done.

Viruses and bugs are one thing, but more serious illnesses can have a negative impact on the office, this includes the flu. As a business, it’s a good idea to consider offering flu vaccinations to your employees to keep them fit and healthy throughout the winter months.

Broadgate GP offer flu vaccinations in London as part of their comprehensive range of GP services. A specially trained healthcare provider can travel to your company premises and give all of your staff the vaccine if you require them to do so.