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Design for Office Refurbishment

Office Refurb

Office refurb design is a balance between the opportunities of a new office interior, and the constraints of existing finishes, retained elements, and practical necessities. Commercial refurbishment can be the most demanding type of project to undertake primarily as work often takes place around occupied spaces.

Refurbishing a business interior typically starts with a layout, based upon the specific objectives of a client….more people, more meeting rooms, cooler climate or more flexible accommodation…whatever is the driver of the office change. Once a layout is agreed, design experience comes into play.

The ideal office refurb design is to overlay the new scheme to completely supersede the original interior, ensuring that nothing old undermines the new. The quality of a design can be in the detail, and any remainder from the original interior can glare through a new fit-out. Budget often counterbalances this, and skilled planning will obscure or minimise retained elements whenever possible, whilst achieving cost savings.

Another office refurb design tip is to conceal from first sight anything that must remain. A fire control panel cannot be removed from a reception, but a skilled office designer will devise a scheme so that a panel can be out of initial sight. Alternatively it can be best to accentuate. Making a feature can often be the best way to avoid an ‘apologetic’ appearance.

Statement furniture is a great way to accentuate the positive, using iconic or eye-catching furniture to create a talking point is a flexible and cost effective update method. Extensive use of existing furniture usually translates into the same old tired demeanour but an oasis of new is good value for money.

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CAT A and CAT B Office Refurb

Two regularly used terms for office refurb are Cat A and Cat B. Category A refers to a Landlords refit which covers elements such as ceilings, base-build air con, toilets and reception as well as any works to the fabric of the building. A landlord usually refurbishes elements that will be useful to any tenant and that enhance the lettable value of a building. Cat A refurbs do vary significantly in terms of specification. Its worth noting that a fresh looking Landlords’ office refurb may be cosmetic and careful investigation of building services is a top priority when considering refurbished offices.

Category B office refurb is a tenants office refit encompassing data network cabling, partitions, carpets, furniture and all the items unique to a tenant layout.

Often the two phases of refurbishment overlap. Security installations will have entry phones and door release, but tenants often need to enhance the security. The CAT B designer needs to take all the CAT A installations into account before determining the scope of office refit works.

Office Refurb Project Management

Fusion are expert in managing an office refurb. We use a step by step process shown in our Project Management Template page, with hands-on supervision and management of all aspects from works to furnishings, moves to cost control. Communication is intrinsic to every good office refurb project and informing staff and visitors can manage expectations so an office refurb scheme is a positive process. Corporate office refurbishment demands detailed, hands-on, project management to minimise disruption, ensure good communication to the business, and to achieve a phased program of works. Corporate office refurbishment is a great way to change an organisation as new working practices can be introduced as a part of the office renewal.

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