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    Folding Office Tables

    Turntable Lite are folding office tables designed for meeting rooms. Standard dimensions are 1800mm x 1200mm, and 1800 x 420mm when folded. The hinged leg design is easy to open and close, and the table is on wheels. As with its boardroom table version, Turntable lite can easily stand at the side of a room making an ideal side table surface, or moved out of the room completely. Operation of the folding system and to move the tables is a single person action. Each table takes less than a minute to fold and move away.

    Integral Cable Management

    The stainless steel column leg is an integral cable riser with a cable port outlet or the option of a central power socket module that can also include data, VGA and HDMi sockets.

    Finishes for the folding tables range include white and walnut compact laminate, an incredibly resilient and tough solid-core laminate. Veneer and other woodgrain options are available to order. As well as a rectangular shape Turntable Lite can be ordered as a barrel-shaped folding office table. The column leg can be electrostatically sprayed matt black, white or other colours depending on quantity.

    Turntable Lite folding office tables have linking brackets as standard to level and join tops. The table can be half folded to create a ‘top’ table format. The folding meeting tables pictured here make a 3.6m x 1.2m overall size suitable for 10 – 12 people. Each section is a standalone office meeting table seating 6, or 8 with compact chairs. As an office conference table with the versatility to break into smaller meeting tables, office training layouts, and to be cleared away altogether, Turntable Lite is a great folding office table system.

    Fusion have a number of folding office tables including our Turntable Lite, the boardroom table sized Turntable, as well as other ranges that have flip-top or folding leg formats. Contact Fusion and we’ll give advice on the best solutions to add versatility and make your meeting rooms into multi-purpose spaces.