Liquid Whiteboard Walls

Whiteboard Wall Paint

Whiteboard walls using a paintable liquid creates a seamless world of whiteboard possibilities. No joints to catch ink, no erasing problems, just limitless whiteboard walls for any office. Liquid whiteboards can be applied to most flat solid surfaces with minimal disruption, either as part of a decoration process or as a retro application to existing walls, columns or furniture. In modern offices the space to work collectively, present ideas on a large scale, and for teams to have the space to be creative or communicative, really gets to the heart of the way people want an office to work for them. Call it 'active space' rather than passive walls. The advantage of whiteboard walls over other surfaces is the ability to visually develop ideas, scrub out blind alleys, highlight the important features, without any fear of wasting paper or being constrained by screen sizes and programs.

white board paint

Whiteboard Walls - collaboration space

High performance liquid whiteboard paint creates dynamic, collaborative, whiteboard walls wherever required. Any surface can be a boundless dry wipe canvas. Effective communication and collaboration are valuable elements in any organisation. Simple facilitation without the performance drawbacks associated with other large format whiteboard walls is a great way to start. A small piece of paper isn't an ideal basis for big ideas. 

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Whiteboard, blackboard, and dry-wipe colour walls

Liquid dry-wipe paint is available as a solid white or as a clear dry-wipe surface to paint over any base colour including black, or as a clear coat over other materials such as OSB boards. Decorative design effects combined with dry-erase surfaces provide options simply not possible with conventional solid panel dry-wipe boards. Large scale whiteboard walls can be created quickly, making your vertical surfaces more usable. The technology for this liquid whiteboard paint is tried and tested and performs well over time.

There are some technical aspects when considering whiteboard walls and Fusion are very happy to advise on installation (decoration) and the process...just get in touch.

whiteboard wall paint

Fusion offer a number of solutions for collaborative whiteboard walls including our sliding whiteboard system which offers mobile whiteboards that create walls that can slide away in open-plan office settings. Contact Fusion for more information on any of our innovative products or a quote on liquid whiteboard wall paint for your office. 


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