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    Office Fit Out & Office Refurbishment Costs

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      Embarking on an office fit-out or refurbishment project is a significant decision that requires careful planning and budgeting. Understanding the costs involved is crucial whether you’re expanding, redesigning, or simply refreshing your workspace. Fusion Office Design is your partner in this journey, offering comprehensive quotes tailored to your unique project needs. Our expertise spans basic office fit-outs to high-spec office transformations, ensuring your new office space meets and surpasses your expectations.

      Office Interior Fit-Out Costs In London

      When it comes to expanding or having your existing space redesigned through one of our fit-out projects, we will always be able to give you a fully comprehensive quote on how much the office fit-out costs. Every office fit-out project is different; because of this, when you are searching for office fit-out costs, you will need to contact our team; the price depends entirely on the square foot we are working on and whether you are looking for office furniture at the same time.

      If you would like to find out how much an office fit-out costs be sure to reach out to one of our project managers, we are always more than happy to discuss exactly what it is you are looking for from your office fit-out project. Not only will we meet your expectations but surpass them every time; get in touch with us today. Our team strives to provide the most comprehensive office fit-out costs today.

      How Much Will an Office Fit-Out or an Office Refurbishment Cost Me?

      Download an Office Refurbishment Costs and Office Fit-Out Costs Spreadsheet containing a detailed breakdown of costs per square foot (and per square metre) to fit out or refurbish a typical CAT B office interior. The spreadsheet also includes costs for refurbishment of individual areas such as receptions and boardrooms, and itemised office partitioning costs for various types of partitions. Figures are an average from completed office fit out projects.

      Our case study section shows cost information related to a specific design / fit out or contact Fusion on 020 8251 0692 for advice on developing a project budget that includes the distinct features of your building and business. Our office fit out case studies include a number of London office fit out projects as well as in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

      Typical 2017/2018 Office fit-out costs are ranging from £39 per square foot (£420 per square metre) for an office interior fit out or refurb for Cat B works to £75 per square foot (£800 per square metre) for a project that includes a significant upgrade to the building ventilation systems or to a very high quality level. A recently completed, high specification, project for example completed at £62.50 psf, which would have been at a higher cost, above £80 psf, but the project re-used a considerable amount of FF&E from an existing premises to achieve savings.

      Certain office interior projects involve a fit-out cost per square foot far higher than the typical range. Shell-and-core fit-outs cover both CAT A and CAT B works (landlord fit-out and Tenant fit-out). Although this type of office fit out can work out to be cost effective it does require the rent within the Lease to be lower than for a comparable building to CAT A level. Costs for shell and core office fit out works are often the CAT B figure + 80% for CAT A works. If your costs would be £40 psf in a conventional office, add £32 psf for the category A scope of work.

      If you are considering a shell and core project get in touch and we can swiftly advise on the project costs. This will help to put the rent and any other offers (rent-free, fit out contribution) into context against the equivalent costs for an office already at CAT A level.

      All figures quoted by Fusion include Design, CDM & Building Regulation submissions, and project management…the figures in the office fit out costs spreadsheet are for complete start-to-finish projects as well as individual elements such as office partitioning costs. Get in touch with Fusion for a free office renovation quote or office refurbishment quote. Our service delivers a unified office fit out and design project and our expertise in delivering the office interior as a single contract gives us insight into the full cost of a scheme. Office fit out costs on our spreadsheet are itemised, derived from real-world fit out schemes mostly in London and the south east.

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      Office Layout Density

      BCO, the British Council for Offices, quotes an office occupancy space of 107 sq ft per person average, whilst the Office for Government Commerce recommends an average figure of 110 sq ft per person. These figures vary significantly from our average as they are likely to exclude offices with space for growth, whereas the Fusion Office Design figures are based upon ratios at first occupation. Put a different way, office fit-out and office refurbishment projects for new or vacant office space typically allow 30% room for growth. BCO and OGC figures refer to a full occupancy ratio….just before the occupier had to think about future property strategy!

      For a structured approach to assessing how much office space is required when relocating, see our Building Assessment page. Average figures also mislead as they are very broad brush. Office layout space plans vary from 50 sq ft per person to 150 sq ft per head. The type of workstation, the architecture and elements such as circulation space all combine to make every office interior distinct.

      Office Fit Out Costs Per Square Foot

      Savills suggest a price range for CAT B office fit-out costs of £40 – £60 per square foot (£430 per square metre – £640 per square metre) for a basic specification, £60 – £80 psf for a mid-range scheme, £80 – £100 psf for a high quality project and £120 + for projects with outstanding design and quality. Typically these figures include separate professional fees for architects, external project management, QS and cost control that together account for the difference between Fusion design and build fit-out costs and the ‘traditional’ examples quoted by Savills.

      The Factors Influencing Your Investment

      No two office fit-out projects are alike. Costs can vary widely based on the square footage of the workspace and the specific requirements of your fit-out or refurbishment. Whether you’re considering a typical office fit or a mid-range office makeover, the price is influenced by several factors, including:

      • Design Complexity: The intricacy of your chosen design and the level of customisation required.
      • Quality of Materials: Material quality impacts costs from basic office essentials to high-end finishes.
      • Technological Needs: Integrating advanced IT infrastructure or specialised equipment can affect the budget.
      • Furniture Selection: Opting for new, high-quality furniture or reusing existing pieces significantly affects overall costs.

      Why Choose Fusion Office to Transform Your Office Space?

      When creating a workspace that meets and exceeds expectations, Fusion Office Design specialises in high-spec office fit-outs that transform ordinary offices into extraordinary workplaces. A high-spec office fit-out by Fusion Office Design is more than just a refurbishment; it’s a complete reinvention of your office space, tailored to your unique needs and vision. The process of achieving this transformation is intricate and tailored, ensuring every detail aligns with your company’s identity and goals.

      Navigating through the fit-out process with Fusion Office Design is a seamless experience. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you from the initial consultation to the final touches, ensuring every aspect of the project aligns with your vision and budget. We manage every detail, from space planning and design to selecting materials and installation, while keeping you informed and involved at every stage. Our commitment is to deliver a high-spec office fit-out that meets and surpasses your expectations within the agreed costs and timeframe.

      Choosing Fusion Office Design for your office fit-out means opting for a service where quality, elegance, and functionality converge. Our high-spec office fit-outs are not just about changing the physical space; they’re about elevating your work environment to new heights of innovation and excellence. With clear communication about costs and a comprehensive understanding of the fit-out process, we ensure your office transformation is smooth, efficient, and rewarding.