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      Refurbish Your Office With Fusion

      An office refurbishment can re-energise your whole business and can be the catalyst for change within the business. It can address the needs of staff improving the efficiency and practicality of the office. As a whole, refurbishment can project the vitality of your organisation to the outside world, updating your brand, enhancing the use of space and unlocking cost savings.

      Here at Fusion, we offer a fully comprehensive office refurbishment company, London office refurbishment projects are complicated, but our commercial refurbishment team can help. Work hand in hand with our project managers to establish what it is you want and we will provide it in an efficient manner and with minimal disruption.

      Having an office fit out in London carried out by our team, at Fusion, can transform your workspace into a much more practical and enjoyable place for you and your employees. When offices are refurbished in the right way, the benefits can be felt across the whole company. It has been proven that well-designed office refurbs can benefit the health and well-being of employees, enhance operational performance and pay for themselves in recruitment and retention. 

      Your London office will love the office furniture we can supply and the office interiors we can design, the office layouts we provide are the main factor of a functioning space, making us the refurbishment specialist.

      Transform your workspace with our expert team at Fusion today. Our office refurbishment company can create the perfect working environment for you and your employees. Get in touch with us today for the best quality refurbishments in London and the surrounding areas in the South. We should always be your first and only port of call.

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      Office Refurbishment Checklist

      Office refurbishment Services

      Project Management Template

      office relocation

      Office Relocation

      Transforming Your Office

      Refurbishing an office is a step by step process involving redesign, project management, office renovation and communication. Knowledge of buildings and understanding of your premises is a basis for any office refurbishment, coupled with the objectives of the business in terms of staff headcount, adopting new ways of working, adding collaborative spaces, upgrade of services and return on capital expenditure.

      An office refurbishment can be carried out by anyone, but Fusion takes the time to get to know and understand how a business operates before any refurbishment work is carried out. This allows us to create an effective refurbishment plan that’s tailored around both your business and the people that work there. Having a close working relationship enables us to plan a refurbishment that gets the most out of your office space.

      From a reception area to offices, our team should always be your first choice. We offer quality interior design, office fit-out and refurbishments in London and throughout the South. From increased productivity to creating an inspiring interior workplace, we’re here to deliver just that. Discuss your design ideas, our attention to detail or your budget and contact us today if you are looking for a refurbishment company in London.

      Refurbishment Costs

      Our detailed space planning techniques give you ideas and visualisations for the revamped office layout, interior designs and efficient use of space. Clarity of the project program and any interim moves helps with the management of the impacts on the organisation. A detailed breakdown of costs and strong cost control ensure the project comes in at agreed costs.

      Answering the question ‘what is office refurbishment’ Fusion Office Design can demonstrate the 3 elements, cost, time, and renovation work are assured from the outset.

      For more information about our refurbishment costs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

      Office Design and Build London

      Office refurb design is a balance between the opportunities of a new office interior, and the constraints of existing finishes, retained elements, and practical necessities. Commercial refurbishment can be the most demanding type of project to undertake primarily as work often takes place around occupied spaces.

      Refurbishing a business interior typically starts with a layout, based upon the specific objectives of a client, more people, more meeting rooms, cooler climate or more flexible accommodation…whatever is the driver of the office change. Once a layout is agreed upon, design experience comes into play, this is when our design and build team can help with office refurbishment ideas

      Office Refurbishment Design

      Assessing New Office Space

      Property Strategy Consultancy

      Refurbishment Specification

      Creative Design and Furniture

      Statement furniture is a great way to accentuate the positive, using iconic or eye-catching furniture to create a talking point is a flexible and cost-effective update method.

      Extensive use of existing furniture in a closed or open plan environment usually translates into the same old tired demeanour but an oasis of new can be a good value for money or equally a waste of CAPEX. The trick is to make the best use of existing assets without undermining the refurbished office.

      Careful project management is always in the background of any successful office revamp. Move plans show existing and new staff plans and help to communicate transitions in a graphical way. Timeline schedule of works convey the project program and set out dates for each phase. This trinity of information…program, moves, and scope of works…are the key deliverables in any project.

      Purchasing and logistics then devolve from the key parameters. Scheduling of trades and labour, furniture moves and removals crates, all fit into the bigger picture. Coordination with IT support to ensure desktop changes are factored in help all parts of the business, and those of the refurbishment team, work together for a smooth process.

      If your newly refurbished office isn’t quite what you expected or you’re looking to add something more to your current office, then our refurbishment phase II may be an option for you. Carried out by our office fitters we can improve your already existing commercial fit-out.

      Phase II commences with the strip-out of the existing office fit-out, retaining parts of the Teapoint, reception and several meeting rooms. Retaining elements of an existing office interior is a typical difference between refurb and fit-out as well as moving staff in several phases. If you find yourself searching for Office Fit Out London, then be sure to contact the team at Fusion Office Design today.

      Refurbishment involves stakeholders. Staff and management will have wish-lists. IT and Comms must be involved in the process. Landlord and the local authority can be gatekeepers to be included. The office design process is usually the most engaging part of the process. Living in a building whilst it’s being refurbished is the downside. Considerate project management is key to minimising disruption, communicating with staff and keeping the process on track. The best project management will also be flexible, adapting to challenges during the process.

      An office refurbishment specification is a balance between renewal and retaining the existing. Analysis of upfront costs against the potential for future failure underpins many decisions when creating a detailed scope of works. Supporting the whole process are detailed drawings of office layouts, building services, and relocation phases. 3D visuals often support the design process and help to set expectations. Office furniture is often the most visible feature and a good office refurbishment will incorporate furniture at the earliest design stage.

      The refurbishment of an office should take into consideration several factors such as the number of people working there and whether it’s an independent or group working environment. Planning out everything from the space people need to the colour of the walls is important; no matter how big or small a factor might seem each element helps to ensure your office refurbishment in London is successful both in the way it looks and works.

      Refurbishment Services

      Office refurbishment services from Fusion are an integrated management-and-contracting process to refurbish an office interior. Our objective is to revitalise your office with minimised disruption from the office refurbishment process. Fusion is an office refurbishment contractor for office refurbishment offering all services using tried and tested suppliers, sub-contractors and individual trades.

      Our services incorporate:

      • Space planning & redesign
      • Program of works and sequence of moves
      • Site set-up, CDM administration
      • Strip out and demolitions, re-use of existing materials
      • Electrical including lighting, power, and data
      • Flooring and floor boxes
      • HVAC including energy efficiency and capital allowances
      • Partitions and sliding/folding walls
      • Decorations and features
      • Plumbing for tea points etc
      • Refurb of WCs
      • Furniture (refurb of existing, supply of new, moves and changes)
      • Joinery
      • Compliance with Bldg. Regulations, Landlord approvals, Planning permission

      Office Refurbishment Specification Guide

      Establishing an office refurbishment specification is a mix of common sense, industry awareness and forethought. Time spent on a specification prior to engagement with contractors will be a valuable exercise, eliminating cost, speeding up the process and ensuring the outcome better fits the objectives.

      An office refurbishment specification should have common principles no matter the scope of the project. This guide sets out the topics and alternatives that apply to most office refurb projects undertaken by/for tenants (CAT B Refurb).


      Office Refurb Project Management

      Fusion Office Design is an expert in managing an office refurb. We use a step by step process shown in our Project Management Template page, with hands-on supervision and management of all aspects from works to furnishings, moves to cost control.

      Communication is intrinsic to every good office refurb project and informing staff and visitors can manage expectations, so an office refurb scheme is a positive process. Corporate office refurbishment demands detailed, hands-on, project management to minimise disruption, ensure good communication to the business, and achieve a phased program of works.

      Corporate office refurbishment is a great way to change an organisation as new working practices can be introduced as a part of the office renewal.

      Our Gallery and Case Studies

      See our gallery of completed office refurb projects from a large office refurb to small refurbishments in London, Fusion can cater to your needs.

      View our case studies page to see some of the fit-outs and refurbishments we have completed in London, including the examples of Allianz Global and a Government Agency below. From a large office refurb to small office refurbishments in London, Fusion can cater to your needs.

      Searching for ’Office Refurbishment Companies Near Me?’, Contact Fusion Office Design

      We have carried out office refurbishment and fit-out services for clients throughout London and the UK; working with clients such as Three and Robert Walters. Fusion will handle all the planning and project management to ensure that your office refurbishment in London runs smoothly and is completed by the agreed deadline date.

      All office refurbishments are carried out with a customer-first policy in mind. We plan and manage all office refurbishments in London on a client by client basis, as no two refurbishments are the same.

      If you’re planning to refurbish your office space and are looking for office refurbishment companies in London to design and project manage it for you, then get in touch. We are always just a message away from creating the perfect workplace for your company.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      If you are looking to improve your companies working environment, an office refurbishment can really help make your business and workplace stand out from the crowd. Enhancing your work space can encourage employees to be more productive and create a more happy working environment.

      If you are looking to improve your staff’s working environment and office efficiency, then it is highly beneficial to your company that you research and upgrade your office space through a refurbishment. Not only will it promote a productive workforce, but it will help create a good impression to visitors and clients; enhancing the value of your commercial investment.

      When you choose Fusion Office Designs for your London office refurbishment, we will advise you with a timescale at the point of booking. If you require your refurbishment to be carried out during working hours then this is something we are more than happy to oblige too, our quotation would be submitted using out of normal working hours rates.

      Depending upon the scope of works your project may require building regulation approval. We will advise you accordingly, however, as a general rule of thumb if the means of escape, in the case of fire, are being affected in any way then yes.  Also, if the purpose group of the building is changing and if any changes are taking place to the structure then again building regulation approval must be sought.

      Similarly, if your refurbishment makes any changes to the number of toilet facilities, insulation, protected fire escape route or compartmentalisation of the building then approval must be sought.

      There comes a time when all offices need refurbishing, whether you’re a new business or you’ve been around for years it might be time to consider having office refurb carried out. Businesses tend to refurbish their office spaces when:

      • They’ve moved into a new office and it doesn’t meet their requirements
      • The existing decor or layout is tired and dated or no longer suited for its purpose
      • Extra space has been acquired and needs refurbishing to suit the existing office
      • There’s new competition and a fresh look is required to make your business more appealing
      • When staff become miserable and the furniture and space need to be more adaptive to the people using it
      • Repairs are needed constantly to keep furniture or parts of the office together

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