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      Looking For an Office Fit Out Company in London?

      Are you ready to take your office space to the next level? At Fusion Office Design, we don’t just revitalise workspaces; we reimagine them entirely. Our team of expert office designers is dedicated to creating visually stunning spaces that align with your business objectives.

      As leaders in office fit-out and refurbishment, we understand the importance of a workspace that inspires innovation and productivity. That’s why we take a holistic approach to workplace design, ensuring that every aspect, from furniture services to spatial layout, is tailored to enhance your operational efficiency and employee well-being.

      We aim to provide an inspiring workspace that reflects your company’s identity and supports its growth. With our expertise, we strive to transform your office into a leading example of how thoughtful design can catalyse business success and create an environment where your team can thrive.

      Your office space has the power to drive your business forward. Let us help you redefine the possibilities of your workspace. With Fusion Office Design, you can turn your office into a place where employees feel motivated and connected to your company’s vision daily. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey that will take your office space to new heights.

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      Office Fit Out Cost In London

      Office Interior Fit-Out Costs In London

      When it comes to expanding or having your existing space redesigned through one of our fit-out projects, we will always be able to give you a fully comprehensive quote on how much the office fit-out costs. Every office fit-out project is different; because of this, when you are searching for office fit-out costs, you will need to contact our team; the price depends entirely on the square foot we are working on and whether you are looking for office furniture at the same time.

      If you would like to find out how much an office fit-out costs be sure to reach out to one of our project managers, we are always more than happy to discuss exactly what it is you are looking for from your office fit-out project. Not only will we meet your expectations but surpass them every time; get in touch with us today. Our team strives to provide the most comprehensive office fit-out costs today.

      London Office Fit-Out Specialists

      Quality fit-outs incorporate project management, procurement, high workmanship standards and building infrastructure knowledge to enable the office interior to contribute towards business performance.

      Office fit-out companies in London that have the skills and expertise of Fusion are rare. Underpinning all this is a willingness to help, to join your team, and contribute in any way we can. It makes all the difference.

      In support of the fit-out, Fusion offers an independent building fit-out survey. Use our insight into the interplay between CAT A and CAT B works to ensure you get it right. Providing essential information for HoTs negotiations, our fit-out survey looks at short-listed demise(s) to analyse spatial suitability, operational performance, compliance & Bldg regs deficiencies, and cost ramifications.

      It’s a free service that works best at the final choice of building stage. Avoiding pitfalls and addressing responsibilities via Lease conditions can be the difference between success and nasty surprise. Our fit-out survey is your expert advisor.

      We Design & Build Outstanding Workplaces

      Whatever your plans for office fit out in London, we can help. We offer advice and guidance, provide a planning and fit-out design service without charging for initial concepts, and submit a cost plan and critical project path… so you can evaluate precisely what Fusion is capable of and layouts, designs and program dates for the office interior fit-out. Whether you want to fit out a boardroom, reception area or an entire office fitting out… let Fusion take on your project.

      A London office needs to fit out design to be tailored around your business. As design experts, Fusion will help to overhaul your office space with a modern and ergonomic design. With a transparent pricing structure, the fit-out of your office won’t cost you more than you expected it to.

      Offering fixed costs, you’ll only pay for the fit-out service you receive. The interior of your office space will be overhauled using only the elements of the design you’ve agreed to. Communication with you throughout the design, Fusion will adapt quickly to any changes you might need to make to your office fit-out.

      The Fusion Office Design USP

      Our office fit-out services are delivered via a unique business approach to commercial category B fit-out (CAT B meaning Tenants fit-out). Combining the advantages of Design & Build, cost transparency and zero mark-ups create an unrivalled cost and delivery advantage. You can’t get a better value and performance offer.

      Office Interior Fit Out combines many areas of expertise, and a tried and tested format sets any project on the right path from the word go. Commercial fit-out companies need clarity when a project is in its entire operation, and our simplified, transparent D&B formula gives assurance and confidence.

      What is Provided in your Office Fit Out?

      Here is what you can expect when you choose Fusion for your London office fit out;

      We will create and provide;

      • Bespoke space plan drawings,
      • Bespoke design sketches,
      • M&E services drawings,
      • Recommendations on capturing solutions to practical problems and efficient use of space.

      We evaluate the fixed systems in an office that must be serviced, upgraded or replaced. Office fit-out or office refurbishment is an ideal time to ensure that mechanical and electrical systems will cope with the demands of the office.

      Our design & build format means the design and scope of work can be balanced with the costs to deliver a scheme that fits your budget.

      Our Project Management skills and expertise provide a finished project that meets your expectations.

      At Fusion, we can also put the finishing touches to your project and put forward products and finishes, furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) to create your dream office space. At Fusion, we get the best market rates available to ensure you get a cost-effective office fit-out.

      When refurbishment can mean disruption to business, a controlled and communicated Program is vital so that practical measures are in place to keep the work flowing. Our scope of work covers every aspect of office interiors, external refurbishment and the design of work processes such as filing and team working. We use a consistent group of Trades for the critical aspects of every project, such as partitioners, ceiling specialists, flooring specialists, power data and lighting engineers. If your office fit-out requires any specialist Trades that are not listed, we can also source them to help complete the project to the highest specification.

      From office design and office fit-out to the final occupation, our commercial fit-out service will help you cover any and every part of an office interior refurbishment or office relocation, including internal moves, crates and packing.

      Cat B Office Fit Out

      Category B fit-outs are for the occupier of the space prepared by the Category A installation. Category B solutions may include:

      • Designing specific alterations of Category A fit-out to suit the occupier’s requirements including M&E services.
      • Office reception areas
      • Partitioning systems
      • Individual Offices
      • Conference and meeting facilities
      • Tea points, staff areas and canteens
      • Flooring
      • Decoration and Wall Finishes
      • New office furniture and storage solutions

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        London Office Fit Out Services

        The best fit out companies in London need to operate to the highest standards. Fusion is experienced in working for professional organisations and our standards match your requirements in every respect. Office fitting out is a process best implemented with a partnering approach which is at the core of our values. Partnering between office fit out companies and clients makes any project a win-win format. Fusion sees itself as an extension of the clients’ team, part of the support service to the overall organisation.

        Fit-out is more than trades and materials. It incorporates a multi-disciplinary skill set enabling the seamless delivery of an office interior designed for the needs of our clients today, and looking ahead. Not only will our design process accord with your goals and vision for the organisation, but we’ll also ask searching questions about change, what-if factors and suggestions to consider. An office fitting-out is an opportunity that should be maximised. The contribution of furniture ideas greatly enhances our office design and fit-out schemes.

        Office Fit Out London

        Office Interior Fit Out London

        Office Interior Fit Out in London

        Fusion are experts in blending furniture and ways of working with building services and layout design to achieve a balanced, considered, office interior appropriate to the budget, the objectives and the timescale. Integrating furniture into an office design and fit out scheme makes the most of opportunities to integrate service, space and functions, and unifies a project both for effective timelines and elimination of clashes, cost problems and miscommunication.

        End-to-end design and office fit delivers the most accomplished results, both in terms of cost-control, cohesion and program. The Fusion approach is to have a single contact leading the project at the design stage right through to management of the works. The advantage of this is to convey all the concept design thoughts, ideas, and agreed actions into the physical build, ensuring nothing gets diluted in translation. All too often projects are built in ways that fail to capture the design intent. With Fusion the office design is delivered into the physical fit-out by someone immersed in the office design phase.

        Searching for a 'Office Fit Out Near Me?' Call Fusion Office Design

        For a number of years, the team at Fusion Office Design have carried out various office fit-outs all throughout London and the surrounding areas. The team at Fusion Office Design are more than happy to handle all of the planning and project management to ensure that your London office refurbishment runs smoothly and is completed by the agreed deadline date.

        Thinking about creating a new office environment? Whether you’re relocating or are looking for an office refurbishment, we’re here for you. With years of experience behind us, we have become the leading choice for many in search of office fit-out services.

        If you would like to discuss our services or the options we have available, please get in touch with our friendly team. They are more than happy to answer your questions and discuss with you how you can overhaul your London office space.


        Case Studies

        Robert Walters Covent Garden

        Fit Out Case Study

        Office fit out for a new HQ in Covent Garden, London, acquired during development construction, with a mix of high density office space with impressive facilities.

        Basware London

        Fit Out Case Study

        Basware merged two London offices and a Surrey office into a single new office in the heart of the City in London, creating a mix of client-facing meeting rooms, team offices and open plan areas.

        The Collinson Group

        Fit Out Case Study

        A central London office design and fit out for The Collinson Group, relocating to combine two buildings into one new HQ in Houndsditch London EC3.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Office fit out in London is the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation and is different from the actual structural work relating to the building fabric.

        Typical Office fit-out costs range from £39 per square foot (£420 per square metre) for an office interior fit-out or refurb for Cat B works to £75 per square foot (£800 per square metre) for a project that includes a significant upgrade to the building ventilation systems or a very high-quality level.

        Category A fit Outs are usually undertaken for landlords, developers or institutional investors, with the primary objective being to ‘prepare the building, so it is ready for the end-user client’.

        What people will usually refer to as the exciting part of fitting out an office is known as a Cat B fitout, the fitting out of the internal space. A Category B office fitout will usually be carried out alongside an expert team or directly with the workspace occupier to design a custom workplace solution to suit their needs.

        Learn more about the differences here.

        Fitting out an office refers to making an interior space suitable for occupation. It is often used in office developments, where the occupant completes the final fit-out.

        Refurbishment refers to the revitalisation or renovation of an office, providing you with all the benefits of a new office without the costs or complications of relocating.

        If you search online for an ‘office fitout near me in London, Fusion can help you move forward. We have years of experience working locally throughout Surrey, London and the nearby counties, offering a range of design, refurbishment and fit-out services.

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