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    Office Design Ideas

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      Office Design Ideas And Concepts

      New Design Ideas, New Ways of Working.

      Are you looking to transform your office space? Do you need new office furniture to make your space more comfortable? Or maybe you are looking for guidance on creating a contemporary home office?

      If so, you are in the right place; our team have provided a wide range of design support using our team that offers highly skilled interior designer solutions! Whether looking for home office ideas or to change your working office environment, we are here to help!

      Office design ideas are from office design concepts, office refurbishment schemes and office fit-out projects. Office design often has alternative finishes to illustrate how different appearances can change an office interior.

      Whether it is by utilising the natural light of your building, finding that perfect desk chair to create uniformity across your office space, or finding the perfect size dining table for your canteen, every office design is different, all we need is a plan of your floor space, and from there we can do the rest.

      hybrid working office layout
      single person work booth on wheels
      bench desks with personal screens

      Office Space and Office Furniture Ideas

      Office design ideas are a mix of practical and visual; visual aspects such as a gallery wall can be inspiring and bring energy to the office, whereas the perfect office desk can transform your working ability.

      Many office interior designs use company branding to reinforce the business culture. Design ideas can solve problems or help a business change its work practices. A design visual supports the office design ideas by illustrating the layout, colour scheme, proportion and practical solutions.

      Fusion use office design ideas to help our clients develop their businesses, and most office interior fit-outs take the opportunity to re-engineer the culture or to take an already successful persona to the next level.

      We use CGI visuals to model the finished office designs, using differing finishes or designs to show alternatives. Our Design Office process is swift and responsive, ensuring ideas are conveyed effectively. Whether you are looking for a workplace office design idea or you want a design for a traditional home office, we can help!

      Call us for a free office design meeting. We'll produce office design ideas, space plans and costed office fit-out proposals, give guidance and advice on your project, and explain exactly what we're able to do for your organisation. Call 020 8251 0692 or email [email protected]

      Ideas to Help You Design Your Office

      Detailed 3D renders are developed once an office design scheme has been created from briefings and design surveys. As the design is often about junctions of materials, a render usually highlights any critical junctions that might dominate an office design idea allowing the designer and client to pick up the points that might draw the eye.

      Design ideas show the initial vision for a scheme…possible finishes, layouts…without being too exact. A more sketchy style focuses on the broad design scheme without getting tripped up by details that aren’t yet relevant. An artistic design image won’t show junctions, the exact colour tone, or the reflective qualities of a material, leaving the proportion and layout, the general colour feels and material palette as the more dominant features.

      Office decoration has incorporated aspects of domestic interiors with a mix of decorating ideas seen in lounges and kitchens, often balanced with typical corporate materials. Bold use of colour and large-scale graphics are regular office decorating tactics. A significant Achilles heel for any office is the suspended ceiling which always shouts ‘office’ no matter how good the specification. This is a significant factor in office decorating using alternative ceiling materials and ideas, from joinery-based ceiling features, fixed materials or floating rafts. Each has advantages, but removing a conventional office ceiling significantly alters the decorative feel away from the office.

      Photo-realistic renders can be used to define finishes precisely, getting as close to a finished appearance as possible. Renders can be very effective in visualising office decoration ideas. Using the full range of materials and finishes in a photo-type image presents the finished office design ideas with the full scope of the designer’s intentions.

      Office Design Ideas

      Office design ideas can be portrayed from angles which don’t exist in reality. This image shows an office layout from a viewpoint far above the solid ceiling, which is impossible using a ‘real’ viewpoint. Renders illustrate office design ideas in ways that photos of finished projects cannot. These artificial angles also capture more of the overall office decoration ideas than conventional views, as they can show more of the interior in one shot. The image above is an excellent example of rendering most of the office in one visual, bringing many of the critical office decoration and office layout ideas together.

      Broken Plan Office Design

      A distinctive change in office interior design ideas sees the evolution of open plans into broken plans. The concept is to zone spaces within the open plan to break up the expanse of workstations. Workstation density has reduced over time from more than 100 sq ft per person to 50 sq ft per person. This sea of people means the open plan is turned up to max. To soften the harsh characteristics, such as distraction, noise and interruption, a broken plan is the design technique used to balance out the interior.

      This image shows a simple mini-breakout lounge area. The furniture is set on a ‘grassy’ carpet insert and positioned by large sloping windows as a place to escape but not be out of sight. Another example of broken plan designs is sliding whiteboards to zone off open-plan work tables. Lightweight screens move so quickly that dividing the space doesn’t become hard work and encourages the sight lines to be opened once the zone is vacated.

      Broken plan interior design ideas can be as simple as a string curtain. Fusion installed sliding string curtains in a recent project to significant effect. Visually they lend just the right amount of screening to make the breakout zone feel well-placed. The furniture isn’t simply plopped down, hoping it’ll get used. Instead, the space has a design basis, but the open plan is butchered in the process. The balance is subtle but effective. Check out our new blog if you want to learn about how office design has changed over the years.