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Office Design

Our London Office Design Services.
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Office Design And Fit Out

Office Design is integral to everything we do at Fusion Office Design.

We deliver outstanding solutions using office interior design to transform your organisation. Designing a fresh and imaginative look, delivering worthwhile organisational change, and improving the working environment are the staples of our approach. Although the interior office design process is unique for each project, Fusion design offices that can be versatile, durable and influential.

Good modern office design makes an office interior a catalyst for improved business performance, for greater staff satisfaction and to reinforce a successful culture. Fusion are an office design company taking great pride in helping your business to improve, change and adapt. Office designers make use of several areas of expertise to create a modern office design. Workplace design is about spatial and ergonomic considerations, the demands of building regulations and best use of space. Interior office design is the look and feel, the visual appearance that can excite, calm, inspire. Services design concerns the infrastructure, mechanical and electrical, to enable a building to fully support the layout and office interior environment. Ways of working design looks at the office as a operational factor, applying new thinking on work and workplaces to introduce progressive ideas and change. Office designers need to apply all four parts of the design process to maximise the opportunity from investment in office interior design.

Call us for a free office design meeting. We'll produce office design ideas, space plans and costed office fit-out proposals, give guidance and advice on your project, and explain exactly what we're able to do for your organisation. Call 020 8251 0692 or email mike@fusionofficedesign.co.uk

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Office Design And Fit Out.

Fusion design and fit-out offices ensuring that quality and reliability are consistent with the office designers intent. We take responsibility from instruction through to completion in a unified office design and build role. Our aim is to be a supportive partner helping your business. We do this using experience and expertise, a ‘can-do’ attitude and a range of services covering every aspect of office design and office fit-out. Office design companies who deliver the completed office design and fit-out take ownership from start to finish, a seamless, integrated, service to bring a modern office design to life.

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Inspired Design, Effective Offices.

Quality of office design and layout is fundamental to both the success of a project and to the outcome of the investment clients’ make in their business. From the outset we establish the office design Brief, and understand the limitations of the office building, to define the practical targets of a project. Fusion office design company access leading products, design effective building services, and use the latest thinking on agile working. This ensures the office meets a client’s objectives and embraces opportunities for the office to play a strong role in the success of the organisation.

Fusion are a London based Office Design Company, offering a unified service in all aspects of Office Design. Our portfolio covers a variety of companies and industries, with many of them based in the London area. If you are looking for Office Design in London from a reputable name, Fusion Office Design should be your first port of call.

Office Design working for you.

3D Virtual Reality Presentations and Product/Finish Boards allow everyone to visualise the new office environment. Fully detailed office design layouts, working drawings and specifications put you in a position to agree and implement your reorganisation or relocation. The office design process is the means for clients to extract the very maximum from office interior refurbishment and fit out, and we’ll do everything possible to help both in terms of attractive vibrant design, practical solutions, and design guidance on the possibilities of an office re-fit

Choosing Office Design Companies.

Fusion Office Design take great pride in being a partner to our clients. Office interior design and fit out has so many facets that a successful design and fit out project will be better for a collaborative approach. We take great care to note your objectives and aspirations for a new office. Fusion put forward design ideas to inspire, to improve and lead. Our unique cost transparency gives peace of mind that you’re getting best value. And most of all we’ll share the responsibility to make the project happen. Professional office design is our offer.

Office Design for corporate values.

Each office has a design that reflects the company’s standards and values, and the Fusion design team coordinate fittings, materials, colours and finishes to create the right image. We really understand that an office interior design is a visible illustration of the standards, ambition and performance of the organisation. We really understand that an office change…refurb or fit-out…is a major influence on the business and a major opportunity to positively develop the company.

Office design can interpret the culture or crystallise the changes a business is planning. Appropriate design, with quality materials, is the office design era we are in. Longevity, rather than throw-away, makes sense.

Innovative Products

Creativity in action. Products designed as a unique solution to a need within a business that have become recognised products applicable to many organisations.

Transparent Approach

Office Design by Fusion takes the best from Design & Build and traditional project management for a unique approach to office interior fit out. D&B is a fast-track format with cost certainty that passes risk and responsibility to the design and build company. ‘Traditional’ office refit offers the best in cost competitiveness. Fusion have brought the two together. Our office fit-out model is open-book for transparency, fixed-fee for design and project management, zero mark-up to achieve the best cost, and accepts design and project management responsibility. Coupled with in-house furniture specifying our service is end-to-end, with full control of all elements of a project for reliability and comprehensive service. Fusion leave nothing to chance, setting the critical path deadline at the outset and working as your project partner at every step.

Delivering the project

Once the office design is set, costs and timescales agreed, we apply for Landlord and Local Authority approval, then Fusion get to work on the project. We are reliable, consistent, and work to fixed costs. All our trades are managed to ensure quality of work and all our fit-out sites are run to strict H&S standards. Clients work with Fusion for the long term…we don’t disappoint.

Call us for a free office design meeting. We'll produce office design ideas, space plans and costed office fit-out proposals, give guidance and advice on your project, and explain exactly what we're able to do for your organisation. Call 020 8251 0692 or email mike@fusionofficedesign.co.uk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will help you create a design concept that is completely bespoke to your business and workspace, but in general it’s good to consider incorporating the following:

  • As much natural light as possible
  • Enough Space
  • Enough Storage
  • Quality Furniture
  • Attractive Reception area

If you are planning to refurbish your workplace it is a sensible time to invest in new furniture too, particularly since a more contemporary office design is likely to incorporate furniture that’s both aesthetically streamlined and practical for the user. But that’s not to say there wouldn’t be some pieces you couldn’t keep: shelving or storage units, for example, or any vintage pieces that might fit with a retro-styled office.

There are many potential benefits to refreshing your office environment which include:

  • Staff Satisfaction – The people who make up your companies happiness is the most important and good morale can have positive benefits on your working environment.
  • Brand Recognition – A carefully thought-out office refurbishment will show existing and prospective clients that your company cares about how it perceived by others.
  • Space Optimisation – Planning a fit out involves looking at the overall layout of your workplace and deciding where space is needed or could be better used. Making these decisions is no small task, but the Fusion Office Design team are on hand.
  • Safer Environment – Investing in a fit out will ensure your workplace is as safe as possible for your employees and conducive to their health and wellbeing. Layout and furniture are an important part of this and this is why the team at Fusion Office Design are here to help.

There’s always a way to squeeze more out of a workspace and we’ve got hundreds of tips, tweaks and techniques we can use to help you get the most from your new – or existing – premises.

We’re committed to collaborating closely with you and working out innovative ways to get your workspace to function in exactly the way you want it to.

Space planning is a simple and effective way of getting the most out of your new work space. Once you have decided on a new premise, we will conduct surveys to ensure you are getting the most out of your space and how best to ergonomically accommodate your set-up.

We can also take into account plans for future growth to ensure your business can comfortably grow into its new workspace.