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With Office Refurbishment from Fusion.

Office refurbishment can energise your whole business and can be the catalyst for change within the business. It can address the needs of staff improving the efficiency and practicality of the office. On a whole, refurbishment can project the vitality of your organisation to the outside world, updating your brand, enhancing the use of space and unlocking cost savings.

Having office refurbishment carried out by Fusion, can tranform your work space into a much more practical and enjoyable place for you and your employees to work in. When offices are refurbished in the right way, the benefits can be felt across the whole company. It has been proven that well designed office refurbs can benefit the health and well-being of employees.

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Refurbishing an Office

Refurbishing an office is a step by step process involving design, project management and communication. Knowledge of buildings and understanding of your premises is a basis for any office refurbishment, coupled with the objectives of the business in terms of staff headcount, collaborative spaces, upgrade of services and return on capital expenditure.

Office refurbishment can be carried out by anyone, but Fusion take the time to get to know and understand how a business operates before any refurbishment work is carried out. This allows us to create an effective refurbishment plan that’s tailored around both your business and the people that work there. Having a close working relationship enables us to plan a refurbishment that gets the most out of your office space.

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When To Consider Refurbishing Your Office

There comes a time when all offices need refurbishing, whether you’re a new business or you’ve been around for years it might be time to consider having office refurb carried out. Businesses tend to refurbish their office spaces when:

  • They’ve moved into a new office and it doesn’t meet their requirements
  • The exisitng decor or layout is tired and dated or no longer suited for its purpose
  • Extra space has been acquired and needs refurbishing to suit the exisitng office
  • There’s new competition and a fresh look is required to make your business more appealing
  • When staff become miserable and the furniture and space need to be more adaptive to the people using it
  • Repairs are needed constantly to keep furniture or parts of the office together

London Office Refurbishment from Fusion

We have carried out office refurbishment for a number of clients throughout London and the UK; working with client such as Three and Robert Walters. Fusion will handle all of the planning and project management to ensure that your office refurbishment runs smoothly and is completed by the agreed deadline date.

All office refurbishments are carried out with a client-first policy in mind. We plan and manage all office refurbishments on a client by client basis, as no two refurbishments are the same. If you’re planning to refurbish your office space and are looking for a company to design and project manage it for you, then get in touch. We are always happy to discuss how we can help you to achieve your dream office space.

What does Office Refurb involve?

Refurbishment involves stakeholders. Staff and management will have wish-lists. IT and Comms must be involved in the process. Landlord and local authority can be gatekeepers to be included. The office design process is usually the most engaging part of the process. Living in a building whilst its being refurbished is the downside. Considerate project management is key to minimising disruption, communicating with staff and keeping the process on track. The best project management will also be flexible, adapting to challenges during the process.

An office refurbishment specification is a balance between renewal and retaining the existing. Analysis of upfront costs against the potential for future failure underpins many decisions when creating the detailed scope of works. Supporting the whole process are detailed drawings of office layouts, building services and relocation phases. 3D visuals often support the design process and help to set expectations. Office furniture is often the most visible feature and a good office refurbishment will incorporate furniture at the earliest design stage.

Refurbishment of an office should take into consideration a number of factors such as the amount of people working there and whether it’s an independent or group working environment. Planning out everything from the space people need to the colour of the walls is important; no matter how big or small a factor might seem each element helps to ensure your office refurbishment is successful both in the way it look and works.

Managing an Office Refurbishment

Project Management for commerical refurbishment of an office is made up of two main phases, pre-commencement and the works itself. Usually the pre-commencement phase for office refurbishment companies sets a project on track for completion, at the agreed cost, and to a defined scope of works. The success of commercial refurbishment projects has its foundations in the detailed planning, cost-plan and program carried-out during the pre-commencement phase.

Once a commercial office refurbishment scheme gets underway, project management is mainly about communication. A program will have the sequence of work and trades, but the precise overlap and coordination rest on liaison by the project manager. Communicating to staff and for building access, to deliveries and movers, building control and H&S requirements, makes a scheme run smoothly both for the client and for the trades people.

Contemporary office refurbishment will be very much about the look and feel of the space, the interior decoration and furnishings, but the success of the project rests on the detailed pre-commencement preparation and post-commencement communication. Delivering excellent communication throughout the office refurb, allows Fusion to work in an adaptive manner.