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    How Office Refurbishment Can Draw Employees To Your Business

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      Since the global pandemic started in 2019 more and more businesses have found it increasingly difficult to find staff willing to leave their current job and join new ventures or start new jobs. This is because job uncertainty is a genuine concern two years later. But, have you ever considered that changing your workspace could be a factor potential employees take into account when they come to visit for an interview? 

      Remember the first impression potential employees get when they visit how you use your space. A study has shown that over 80% of employees consider the design of the workspace and feel when they visit for an interview, so you should consider whether it is time to have an office refurbishment service carried out? Is your office space outdated? Does your workplace feel more like a concrete room than a productive environment? 

      Office design has changed drastically over the last few years. Our team here at Fusion Office Design has worked tirelessly to offer clients full office refurbishments to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the working environment. So, ask yourself, is it time for a change? 

      Sustainability, Natural & Open

      Have you ever heard of the term Biophilic design? If not, it refers to greenery and organic, natural materials to help promote office productivity and wellness; if you choose to have a complete office refurbishment with our team, we take Biophilic design seriously. Studies have also shown that having natural materials such as plants and water features in your office space can help improve productivity by around 8% and your staff’s well-being by more than 8%. 

      If you choose to have an office refurbishment, you are more than likely not happy with the space you currently have; letting a team such as ours here at Fusion Office Design transform your space allows us to introduce aspects of design such as Biophilic to you through the refurbishment. The use of natural materials such as plants, trees, water features, and more can help refurbish your office space into a haven for your staff; we guarantee you will see a change in your staff. 

      By making the change to a sustainable and organic office, you are inevitably making a change to move into the future, a future which includes staff wellness protection and also planet conscious working environments if you currently work in a concrete office space with lots of dull features, get in touch with a professional team that can offer you a complete refurbishment service. 

      Your Employee Happiness And Wellness Matters

      Until recently, it could be argued that you do not work to be happy, you worked to pay bills, but there has been a significant shift in this mentality over the past several years. With a rise in the discussion of mental health, this has affected the way workplaces operate, and this includes your office space; giving your employees an office they are happy in the will, in turn, provide them with job happiness and satisfaction and therefore be translated through the quality of their work. 

      If you are in the process of making a change from being an office that pushes workloads and deadlines to an office that has a much more flexible approach to working, then we are the team for you; let us come and carry out our office refurbishment services. Our team can transform your space, allowing your employees to put suggestions forward for what they would like to have in the office and how you as an employer can help with their happiness and well-being in the office. 

      You can Still Have Company Values With An Office Refurbishment

      You might be concerned that you might lose any company values you already have in place when the time comes to have an office refurbishment. Still, our team is skilled. We can transform your office into a new and updated space without jeopardising your company values, mottos, and anything else you are worried you might lose through the refurbishment. 

      You have to remember that although displaying these aspects of your business is incredibly important, so is the first impression your office space gives off to any potential new employees, visitors, or clients who might turn up at your office. Having a complete refurbishment can modernise your office space, but we can do it in a way that highlights your values more than before; with a fresh, natural and open-plan office, you can display to your clients and potential employees that you are an open and welcoming company. 

      Do Not Forget Outdoor Space

      Does your office have an outdoor space? Do you currently use it for anything other than allowing the smokers somewhere to go? Utilising your outdoor space can give your employees more than just somewhere to go for fresh air; it can provide somewhere to enjoy the sun in the summer or a lunch break, and it can provide a natural space to sit and think about a project they are working on. It can also allow them to take a minute to breathe simply. 

      Depending on how flexible you are in terms of your working conditions, our team can transform your unused outdoor space into a hybrid working station; your team can work outside in the fresh air and enjoy the weather while boosting morale and productivity. Our office refurbishment team is not restricted to indoor office spaces; we can help with your outdoor areas; imagine how impressive an outdoor space would look to a potential employee! 

      Contact Fusion Office Design For Refurbishment Services Today

       If you’re looking to refurbish your office space and want to ensure that it will be an asset in attracting new employees, contact Fusion Office Design. We have years of experience in designing spaces that are both functional and attractive, and we’ll work with you to create a space that reflects your company’s culture and meets the needs of your employees. Give us a call today to get started! 

      More and more employees, when they visit an office space for an interview, are taking in what they can see visually as soon as they enter, is the space welcoming? Does the staff that are working there look happy, refreshed and focused? Ask yourself, is your office space modern and welcoming? If you are not sure, the answer is more than likely no. Contact Fusion Office Design for office refurbishment services today.