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    Why Is Office Furniture So Important?

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      One of the most important aspects of any office is your furniture. It provides a comfortable and supporting place for your employees to sit, but it can also provide much-needed storage, resting areas and hybrid working environments. You can never underestimate the impact of having the right office furniture on your building; far too often, our team here at Fusion Office Design speak to office managers who have the essential furniture, which causes problems left, right and centre. Choosing the right office furniture can not only help with employee satisfaction but can also boost productivity.  

      Office furniture is the centrepiece of your space; there are so many things you need to consider when looking for office furniture pieces, considering the functional, visual, and productive aspects. One of the most significant issues that can arise from office furniture shopping is that you could provide your team with furniture that can cause health problems, bad chairs will cause back issues, unsuitable desks can cause posture problems, etc. 

      Having provided office furniture in London for several years, our team at Fusion Office Design should be your first port of call for all your office furniture needs. 

      Did You Know Back Pain Is The Most Common Cause Of Sickness At Work?

      As we have just mentioned, an ill-fitting chair can cause many problems, with one of the worst being incredible back pain, an ache like no other. Lumbar problems can affect up to 38% of office employees over a year; now imagine needing to cover sick time for employees over cheap, unsupportive chairs? With back and lumbar pain being the most common reasons employees phone in sick in people aged under 45, why would you not want to do anything about it? 

      The average office worker spends, on average, a minimum of 4 hours sitting at a computer desk throughout the day without standing up and around 8 hours across the day with standing or walking breaks. With the unbelievable effects of sickness and your employee’s health, you should strive to provide your team with a lumbar supported chair, whether you choose a regular chair with lumbar support or an ergonomic chair that can be positioned to the worker’s exact requirements, choosing the right chair can reduce sickness. 

      As A Business, What Should You Consider When Buying Office Furniture?

      If you are an office manager or business owner looking to purchase office furniture that will benefit your employees, we recommend you start. Speaking to your team is one of the best things you can do; find out their issues with the current office furniture, and you can make informed decisions about new office furniture from that conversation. Seating is one of the most challenging choices because everybody is different; some people prefer ergonomic chairs with a complex set structure, whereas others prefer to have a softer seat. 

      For your office workers to be comfortable and have a good level of productivity, the chair must be suitable for each individual. It can get costly, but when you choose to go through Fusion Office Design, we can help with chair packages. 

      Office chairs come in a range of colours, designs, materials, and styles; there is something to suit every office space, but they can come with matching desks, units, and footstools. You can kit out your entire office space with the office furniture we supply here at Fusion Office Design. 

      Are You Aware Of The Best Office Furniture Options?

      When it comes to office furniture, it goes without saying that the essential piece you will dwell on is the chairs you decide to buy. But, you can’t have an office with just chairs, you need all the other office furniture to go with them and don’t panic, we can help with all the office furniture, not just the chairs. 

      Once you have settled the office chair debate, you should start to consider the desk that will go with it. There are so many desk options to choose from on the market; for example, are you looking for hot desks set up so anybody in your office can work on them? Do you require standing desks or meeting tables? There are so many options to choose it might take some time to determine which desk is suitable for you. 

      Forgetting the importance of an office desk can cause issues along the way, especially if you need conference tables suitable for large meetings or desks that can be moved easily to make working pods should they be required. Still, again, the team here at Fusion Office Design have something for everyone. With a range of designs, colours and styles, there will be something for everyone in our collection. 

      Do You Have Your Office Storage Needs Covered?

      There is no such thing as too much storage in any office space, you can always benefit from having more, but the idea is to find the right amount that works for you without every inch of spare space being covered in cabinets. Whether you are looking for wooden storage units, steel storage or bespoke design office furniture, you can always count on Fusion Office Design. 

      The storage you choose from your office space must be stylish to fit in with any modern office design you might have and be robust enough to handle the busy working environment of an office. Office storage is often used for housing documents, folders of information, and sensitive information, but don’t forget about storage for your staff. Your office workers must have somewhere to keep their belongings. 

      Don’t forget you also need storage space in your communal areas, whether the dining rooms or canteens for your employee’s food stores or to keep personal effects safe while they are out of the office; storage is an essential aspect of any office space. 

      Contact Fusion Office Design For Office Furniture

      Office furniture is often an afterthought for business owners, but it’s one of the most important pieces of your company. Good office furniture makes employees more comfortable and productive, but it also sends a message to clients about your business. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right type of office furniture for your company.

      If you’re not sure where to start, contact Fusion Office Design today! We can help you find the perfect office furniture for your business and give you tips on using it to its full potential. We can ensure the new office furniture matches your current office design, so give us a call today to find out more information; we are always more than happy to help in any way we can.