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    Standing Desks

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      Standing Height Desks

      Standing desks are known to have beneficial impacts on alertness and health when used correctly. The sit-stand desk usually has an electric motor to power the change in height. Moving from seated to standing at the press of a button means its easy to change posture several times in a day. Research has shown that standing desks that allow staff to change their desk height from sitting level to standing level, so called sit-stand desks, may enhance work performance. The year long trial found sitting time at a desk was reduced by over one hour a day compared to conventional desk height seated users.

      Staff who reduced time sitting via desks and increased working time spent on their feet also reported being less tired and higher levels of engagement. Anecdotal evidence also suggests improvement in musculo-skeletal well being.

      Standing Desk Styles

      Fusion offer a number of styles for Standing Desks. Open frame desks are easiest for access to cables but the open look does put all the structure and cable management on show. Desks using shared height adjustable structure, or panel-end standing desks, offer variations in appearance and can minimize the amount of legs in a cluster arrangement to de-clutter and reduce costs. The standard range for a standing desk is 690mm at the lowest point up to 1120mm for the highest stand-up desk position. Some desks have a telescopic action that allows for a range of 650 – 1200mm. Cluster desks with standing height capabilities allow every desk within a group of 4, 6, etc to be individually adjusted.

      The challenge with standing desks revolves around the fittings that go with desks. Desk divider screens must be fixed to one in a pair of desks. Cable management needs extra care to ensure cables aren’t snagged have have sufficient slack to adjust. Its best to equip each desk with its own socket modules so that items plugged-in don’t all require extra long leads to reach a floorbox.

      Sit Stand Desk on Wheels

      To push the dynamic office further there is a sit-stand desk with wheels to make it mobile. The possibilities to make the office layout work harder are supported by desks that have both electric height adjustment and mobility. For constantly changing team groups working on short term projects this type of desk can be a unique solution, eliminating the constraints on layouts so that the office can be completely responsive, and the individual having control of posture and desk height.

      Fusion are expert in advising on the best way to choose and install standing desks. get in contact and we can give you all the advice you’ll need.