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    Sliding Whiteboards

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      Track-mounted sliding whiteboard system is not limited by the availability of solid walls. Floor and ceiling tracks allow the panels to work in front of windows.

      Innovative sliding whiteboards

      This track-mounted sliding whiteboard system is not limited by the availability of solid walls. Our whiteboard rail system has tracks on ceiling and floor allowing the sliding whiteboard panels to work in front of windows, to nest behind each other, and to slide to the ideal position. The weight of a panel is located on the base track meaning there are no structural implications for the ceiling, and no cutting-in of tracks. Just simple fixings that are easily removed. Our sliding whiteboards system is compatible with any ceiling type and avoids disruption to ceilings and grilles.

      Horizontal sliding whiteboards

      Semi-transparent or solid whiteboard inserts are available, and a magnetic option for solid or glass boards can be specified (as a solid panel or using magnetic glass). Pinnable and chalk-board surfaces are also available. Ceiling heights up to 3.0m are accommodated using the standard system, or higher ceilings using a fixed down-stand frame.

      Movable Whiteboards can have panel sizes can be up to 1.5m wide, with 1.0m wide and 1.2m wide panels as standard. The writable dry-erase board area can be floor-to ceiling, or reduced if perimeter heating and cooling are to be accommodated. The semi-transparent panels also double as a sun screen, eliminating the needed for window blinds. Movable whiteboard can be fitted into window spaces, against walls or they can be used to create new dividing walls. The movable whiteboard systems available from Fusion can be fitted into most existing spaces and are a great enhancement in modern office environments.

      Sliding whiteboards can be easily moved between tracks. The panels simply lift out of the tracks and are re-fitted in seconds. Additional sliding whiteboard panels can be added onto the tracks, giving as much whiteboard space as needed. Tracks can be single, double, triple or any multiple. Our system is ideal for a multi-track whiteboard wall, and the panels can be pinnable surfaces, magnetic and dry-wipe. The translucency of the semi-transparent writable boards can be specified to make them more or less opaque to your preference.

      Movable Walls The system also works well as movable walls. As floor to ceiling screens, either whiteboard or with acoustic facias, its easy to create movable walls that are quick to open and close, have a very quick install time and can be repositioned around the floor at a later time without any difficulty. As the headtrack isn’t load bearing there are no structural demands, no ceiling works to worry about, and no reinstatement. Quick, easy, and a great way to add movable walls to any open office space. 

      The multiple sliding whiteboards system also works well as a lightweight space divider and whiteboard partition. Movable whiteboards as partition walls give visual privacy but can easily be nested or positioned with gaps to retain open plan sight lines. When used as mobile whiteboard partitions the system is ideal for use as a brainstorming enclosure. Used in an open plan office the movable partitions are perfect to divide areas as sliding room dividers, add a degree of acoustic control, yet be ultra-easy to slide, move between tracks, or reconfigure completely in a way that is unique and easy to use for a super flexible office layout.

      A Youtube video shows the movable whiteboards installed in an office. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc9baksVnkQ

      This system is a great alternative standing whiteboard. Innovative whiteboards usually mean tech based solutions, or rail mounted whiteboards that rely on solid wall space, whereas the Fusion sliding whiteboard system retains the advantages of large whiteboard walls / surfaces. Track mounting, rather than rail mounted whiteboards, allows the system to be so much more versatile with minimal impact on ceilings and walls. As a standing whiteboard its much more space efficient. With multiple tracks it also offers the ability to have a much greater whiteboard surface, either nested or spaced out as preferred.

      Sliding Mobile TV Stand

      The system can be specified as a sliding mobile TV stand. Used in front of riser doors the sliding panels can turn a space often unused into a worthwhile collaboration space. Our dry-erase boards also work well in conference rooms.

      Why Choose A Sliding Dry Wipe Whiteboard?

      Sliding dry erase whiteboards and sliding marker boards are one of the most modern multipurpose items used in office spaces. Fusion believes that whiteboards that slide offer a great range of benefits and some of the reasons you should choose one are:

      • Multipurpose – Whiteboards that offer a sliding function can be used as either wall dividers or for use as small or large one whiteboard
      • Flexibility – Can be used to write on, attach notes or posters to or use as a projector board
      • Engagement – Whiteboards are more engaging as they can be used to engage people with a variety of media
      • Freshness – Sliding whiteboard systems can be cleaned down easily allowing you to change the message or the content that is on them with ease
      • Collaboration – Using a whiteboard allows for group meeting to become more collaborative
      • Quick to Install, No Dilaps – Our track mounted horizontal sliding whiteboards are quick to install, requiring no ceiling alterations. Removal is easy and avoids any reinstatement or repairs to the ceiling for minimal dilapidations.
      • Sliding Room Dividers – functional sliding room dividers are very easy to install, slide closed or open, and can have single or double-sided drywipe surfaces. We can use other infills such as acoustic material, or a mixture, to make sliding room dividers practical in so many ways.
      •  Standing Whiteboard – a space efficient, easy to slide, standing whiteboard that can be retro installed.

      Sliding Whiteboards From Fusion

      Sliding dry erase doors, made by Fusion, are designed to be integrated into an office space. Whether you’ve got a newly refurbished office or an existing design and you’re wanting to have a sliding whiteboard system installed into your current office space, then look no further than Fusion. Using the latest in sliding technology, our whiteboards are designed to glide effortlessly along the tracks. The sliding whiteboard systems are multi use and can be used for their original purpose or as sliding room dividers and doors. If you’re interested in having a sliding whiteboard installed, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fusion.

      horizontal sliding whiteboards sliding idea whiteboards

      Fusion Office Design have installed sliding whiteboards in dozens of offices, all over the UK, North America and Europe. See our Blog page for the latest installation of our whiteboards.