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    office pod meeting room

    Office Pods – Everything You Need To Know

    In this article, we will look at what office pods are, how they came about, and how they can help you to be more productive and how you can benefit from them. What is an Office Pod? An office pod is a small portable room that can easily be moved around your office. The term...
    quiet space office pod

    Office Pods; How to Integrate Them Into Your Office Space

    Office pods are a great way to maximise space and help employees collaborate. They can be used in an open office plan or as standalone spaces. Office pods are a great way to add a bit of fun and creativity to your office space. They provide a space for employees to relax and have fun...

    How To Decide On An Office Design Layout

    A business needs to have a functional and comfortable space for its employees. The office design layout should be well thought out and planned. Your business will benefit in many ways if you make the right choices in this area. To get started, think about what type of industry you are in. If you are...
    Modern office design

    Office Workplace Trends 2022

    The 2020s will be remembered as the decade of change. It was a time of transformation and innovation when we saw the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and voice assistants, the emergence of new technologies such as blockchain and 5G, and increasing awareness of global climate change. With these changes came new workplace trends. Businesses...
    office design when building has columns

    How To Get The Most Out Of An Office Fit Out Service

    The global pandemic of 2020 has changed the way offices work for the moment and is possible for the future going forward. Companies’ requirements have changed, and the focus has shifted in offices from hard-working, long hours jobs to a more relaxed and productive environment. This shift has been seen in a wide range of…

    design and fit out London

    How Office Refurbishment Can Draw Employees To Your Business

    Since the global pandemic started in 2019 more and more businesses have found it increasingly difficult to find staff willing to leave their current job and join new ventures or start new jobs. This is because job uncertainty is a genuine concern two years later. But, have you ever considered that changing your workspace could…

    training table tilt top

    Why Is Office Furniture So Important?

    One of the most important aspects of any office is your furniture. It provides a comfortable and supporting place for your employees to sit, but it can also provide much-needed storage, resting areas and hybrid working environments. You can never underestimate the impact of having the right office furniture on your building; far too often,…

    4 person pod

    What You Need To Consider For Your Office Build-Out Project

    Do you need to plan an office build-out? If so, there are a few things you’ll need to decide before getting started. One of the most critical decisions is what type of office space you want. Do you need an open floor plan or more private offices? Once you’ve decided on the layout, you’ll need…

    divided bench desks

    Why Professional Office Outfitting Is Your Best Option

    When you're looking to outfit your office with the best of the best, it's essential to go with a professional outfitter. Office outfitting can be a daunting task - there are so many different pieces of furniture and technology to choose from! Not to mention, you want your office to look stylish and professional. That's...