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Meeting Tables

Office meeting tables and meeting furniture has a great impact on the style of a meeting room, and the function it's used for. Technical office meeting tables lend themselves to rooms where process and detail are discussed. Large formal boardroom tables create a backdrop for weighty strategic matters in a corporate boardroom. Flexibility is becoming more valuable, and multi-use furniture is typical for meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Office Meeting tables are available in all shapes and sizes, practically any finish, and can be simple surfaces or equipped with cable management, power socket outlets, data points and AV connections. The most common materials used for meeting tables are wood veneer, laminate/melamine, and glass. Corian, polished lacquer and niche materials such as leather, concrete and compact laminate are other options.

office meeting tables

Internal and client-facing meetings are a feature of modern office working. Meeting furniture supports collaboration and communication which is an important part of office life.
The choice of shape for a meeting table can be influenced by a number of factors. Often a room layout determines the shape and dimensions of a table. The use of video conference can also be a factor. 

Office Meeting Table Styles

The style of a meeting table varies according to finishes and features. Many ranges offer a mix-and-match approach allowing choices of shape, size, finish, edge profile and type of base. The advantage of this mix and match approach is the ability to specify office meeting tables to a price point that fits your budget, and still achieve a high quality meeting table. 

Meeting tables are available on quick leadtimes if required, and range in cost depending upon size and shape, finish, and features. Fusion are very happy to plan tables for the best fit in a room, or ideally to plan a room to fit the table.

If you can't find the meeting table you are looking for, try Round Meeting Tables or Video Conference Tables, which offer alternative shapes and styles suited to varying office layouts.

Contact Fusion for a comprehensive selection of office meeting tables.

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