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Sliding Whiteboard System

Innovative sliding whiteboards

This track-mounted sliding whiteboard system is not limited by the availability of solid walls. Our whiteboard rail system has tracks on ceiling and floor allowing the sliding whiteboard panels to work in front of windows, to nest behind each other, and to slide to the ideal position. The weight of a panel is located on the base track meaning there are no structural implications for the ceiling, and no cutting-in of tracks. Just simple fixings that are easily removed. Our sliding whiteboards system is compatible with any ceiling type and avoids disruption to ceilings and grilles.

Semi-transparent or solid whiteboard inserts are available, and a magnetic option for solid or glass boards can be specified (as a solid panel or using magnetic glass). Pinnable and chalk-board surfaces are also available. Ceiling heights up to 3.0m are accommodated using the standard system, or higher ceilings using a fixed down-stand frame. 

sliding whiteboards

Movable Whiteboards can have panel sizes can be up to 1.5m wide, with a 1.0m wide panel as standard, and the writable board area can be floor-to ceiling, or reduced if perimeter heating and cooling are to be accommodated. The semi-transparent panels also double as a sun screen, eliminating the needed for window blinds.

Sliding whiteboards can be easily moved between tracks. The panels simply lift out of the tracks and are re-fitted in seconds. Additional sliding whiteboard panels can be added onto the tracks, giving as much whiteboard space as needed. Tracks can be double, triple or any multiple. Our system is ideal for a multi-track whiteboard wall, and the panels can be pinnable surfaces, magnetic and dry-wipe. The translucency of the semi-transparent writable inserts can be specified to make them more or less opaque to your preference.

Movable Whiteboards 

The multiple sliding whiteboards system also works well as a lightweight space divider and whiteboard partition. Movable whiteboards  as partition walls give visual privacy but can easily be nested or positioned with gaps to retain open plan sight lines. When used as mobile whiteboard partitions the system is ideal for use as a brainstorming enclosure. Used in an open plan office the movable partitions are perfect to divide sections, add a degree of acoustic control, yet be ultra-easy to slide, move between tracks, or reconfigure completely in a way that is unique and easy to use for a super flexible office layout.

open plan sliding partitions

A Youtube video shows the movable whiteboards installed in an office.

This system is a great alternative whiteboard. Innovative whiteboards usually mean tech based solutions, or rail mounted whiteboards that rely on solid wall space, whereas the Fusion sliding whiteboard system retains the advantages of large writing surfaces. Track mounting, rather than rail mounted whiteboards, allows the system to be so much more versatile.

Sliding Mobile TV Stand

The system can be specified as a sliding mobile TV stand. Used in front of riser doors the sliding panels can turn a space often unused into a worthwhile collaboration space.

Fusion Office Design have installed sliding whiteboards in dozens of offices, all over the country. Here's a recent example of the work we carried out for an open plan office in Newcastle - Sliding Space Dividers Installed in Newcastle or see our Blog page for the latest installation of our whiteboards.

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