Office Furniture Design

Office Furniture Design

24/04/2015 11:39 AM by Fusion

Office furniture design and layout

Office furniture design for successful healthcare company HPC at their newly opened offices and warehousing in Lincolnshire. Fusion were engaged as office furniture design consultants at the construction design stage to develop layouts and design an office floor plate for the two-floor offices within a large warehouse development. Our design advice set the dimensions for the offices, ensuring the completed new-build has the correct amount of space for the planned office furniture layout. Fusion design an office using reference to workstation sizes, team clusters, circulation space needs and also with a forward looking view on future flexibility.

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Office fitting out commenced less than 12 months after our consultancy role, culminating in the office furniture design installation. Simple linear workstations are defined with subtly framed screens to add definition.

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As well as open-plan layouts the space plans include technical workstations for staff using prototype printers. Fusion coordinated finishes and installation management, operating to an ultra low-cost budget to ensure upfront capex was reduced, following the major expenditure on the property development.

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The office furniture fit out took place over the Easter period, ready for staff to occupy the new building on the quiet working day after the bank holiday weekend. Office fitting out in the last stages of a project involves furniture installation followed by IT set-up and commissioning.

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