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    Assessing New Office Space

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      Office Refurbishment Specification

      Choosing the perfect office space will save you thousands, and make a major impact upon your business. Fusion help you get it right, from the outset.

      Do you need to move? What amount of space will you need? How do you factor in growth? Will you waste time viewing unsuitable buildings, with hidden problems and inflexible configuration? What are the comparative fit-out costs involved, and are Heads of Terms reflecting these costs? Will the Lease restrict your business in the future? Can the lettable space work for your office layout needs?

      Our independent Office Assessment service produces a business-case report which combines analysis and data to make sure your new office space is cost-effective, value-adding, and maximises the opportunity. Office Assessment is a pre-Lease exercise best deployed prior to a property short-list being finalised, or before a Heads of Terms agreement.

      Call us for a free office design meeting. We'll produce office design ideas, space plans and costed office fit-out proposals, give guidance and advice on your project, and explain exactly what we're able to do for your organisation. Call 020 8251 0692 or email [email protected]

      The Report includes...

      No two building are the same. Let us evaluate and analyse any premises and we’ll tell you whether they are right for you. the report will identify wasted space, highlight cost-saving opportunities and provide essential advice on the pitfalls of the office space providing invaluable ammunition in negotiating the Head of Terms or the final lease.

      Let us define the precise size and specification of premises that suit your individual needs, now and in the future.

      We’ll challenge your criteria, provide objective analysis and deliver a document that forms the basis of your search for the perfect new premises.

      What is your responsibility? What is the landlord’s responsibility? What should work but doesn’t?

      We will ensure that you are aware of what you are entitled to and what are the costs that become yours as soon as the lease is signed. You get the perfect office space, without nasty surprises.

      The full weight of regulatory and building compliance falls on the shoulders of the occupier.

      We will highlight any areas where your landlord falls short of full compliance and outline the cost implications to you.

      Building Evaluation

      The building evaluation is a broad-brush analysis to examine any ‘headline’ disparities either in the Lease and Heads of Terms, access and general location-based analysis. Space Analytics drills own using test fit and block and stack planning techniques to evaluate the usability of space. We also check the Landlords net lettable figure and advise if you’re to be charged for more space than the true net square footage. Ops and Performance looks at the maintenance regime, responsibilities, and takes a snapshot of reality on the ground against the documented processes. Compliance looks at the demise from a regulatory standpoint to examine any hidden costs, deficiencies and aspects that a Landlord should be resolving.

      This kind of independent analysis is not provided by Agents, lawyers or surveyors, but is quick and easy to arrange through Fusion.

      Compared to the cost benefits over the term of the Lease, a Building Assessment report will pay for itself many times over.