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      Office Design in London for Best Invest. A growing financial advisor / fund manager, located in cramped premises near Jermyn St, were relocating to larger offices in the west end of London, in the heart of Mayfair. Office design for this Mayfair office balanced the need to present a corporate image to visiting clients yet maintaining the distinctive personality and culture of BestInvest.

      The building was a basic CAT A fit out. Designs for the London office layout located reception and teapoint kitchen as a central dividing break between staff areas and client-facing meeting rooms. A substantial part of the demise was on the lower ground floor making natural light limited. Using the core space for shared areas allowed staff and meeting rooms to be located towards the perimeter where available light was best used. Office design in London often faces challenges that are unique to the architecture and dense built environment.

      The lower ground floor situation meant that natural light is at a premium, and the layout ensures daylight is captured in the working area. Undertaking office design in London is often a balance between the architecture and the ways of working that a company wants to adopt. This office design scheme matched a high density office furniture design with a number of shared spaces for a balanced office design. Space for relaxing and breakout, a small gym with showers, and several refreshment spaces, stand alongside the working space. Office design companies such as Fusion ensure that any office scheme complies with building regulations, the working style and culture, and the building architecture, to develop the best office fit out scheme possible.

      The Mayfair office fit out was completed in 6 weeks, with space for 80 staff on bench desking.

      Office Design in Numbers

      The Mayfair office fit out for Best Invest cost £200,000 equating to £2850 per person excluding furniture, or an office fit out cost of £25.00 per square foot (£270 per square metre). Initially Best Invest occupied at 115 square foot per person.