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      Office Fit Out in London

      Basware merged two London offices and a Surrey office into a single new office in the heart of the City in London, creating a mix of client-facing meeting rooms, team offices and open plan areas. The multi-purpose space has many roles. The office fit out works for permanent staff, visiting international staff and as a client space.

      Broken Plan office design

      The office design concept aimed for as much flexibility as possible. The fluid team spaces use flexible modular tables that fold and move easily. Sliding whiteboard doors easily sub-divide areas or slide back to maintain the visibility of open plan…a broken-plan office design that is very much on-trend. Broken plan is the current offie design trend to balance the positives of open plan with the need for concentration, collaborative spaces and some control of distraction. Our easy-to-use sliding whiteboards do the job well when it comes to practical broken-plan layouts.

      Modular Conference Furniture

      A large multi-purpose meeting room uses a sliding-folding partition with whiteboard surfaces. The joined-up room uses our modular folding conference tables to great effect. As two separate rooms each holds 8-10 people. For the combined conference room three tables work well for up to 16 people.

      The working hub

      Central to the open-plan office is a hub space created using the sliding whiteboard system. A light and flexible screen with whiteboard surfaces encourages people to drop in and use the area as readily as a meeting room, with the added advantage of openness when not in use.

      The wrap-around layout of the architecture for this London EC2 office means a large space was well away from any natural light source. Placing the large teapoint in this internal corner and linking it to a breakout space is supported by the use of a natural backdrop. Designed using a pastoral wall scene and ‘skylights’ using LED fittings results in a calming natural feel. Zoning using the carpet helps define the spaces.

      The overall impression created by the office design is a bright space without any neglected corners. It feels egalitarian. There’s no single most important area, every space is equally valued. Several zones could be the hub of office life but don’t compete as they’re designed for different roles. And everything is underpinned by a flexible approach that’s scalable if more people arrive one day or a longer-term project starts up.

      The 6500 sq ft office fit out took 6 weeks for the work to be completed. The design phase was equally fast-paced, taking 8 weeks from first design meeting. the design process included space plans, design visuals, product details and technical drawings for alteration to services. Alongside this Fusion ensured compliance with building codes and communicated with the Landlord on LTA aspects. Basware were undergoing a re-branding during the office design process and the new brand identity was applied at the very last minute. Flexible as ever, Fusion didn’t let this stall the agreed office fit out handover.

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