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      Reception Area Refurbishment

      A head-office reception area refurbishment to reflect the global stature of the organisation, improve the appearance of the building facade, and to upgrade the reception facilities to cope with high numbers entering the building.

      Reception Design Ideas

      Following a clean-sheet design competition to upgrade the reception area in a head office, a reception design scheme was developed that defined traffic routes for staff, on-foot visitors and vehicle-based visitors. The reception design scheme extended the reception area ‘envelope’ to make use of a covered external space that was previously open to the car park, provided a reception design solution to reflect the corporate HQ status, and met the needs of Local Authority planning regulations.

      The reception area refurbishment scheme was completed on a very tight timescale, finishing on December 24th, to allow occupation immediately after Christmas.

      Several existing security elements were retained and designed in to the new head office reception design. The most challenging aspect was to retain the steel roller shutter used overnight, which limited the location of the entrance threshold. Installing new sliding access doors close behind the shutter was a tight fit, and careful thought was given to allow maintenance access to the concealed mechanism.

      Overall the reception refurbishment works well in separating visitors from staff traffic, allowing the reception space to be calmer, and the staff access easier. In a building with very high numbers of users this simple, effective, reception area planning idea has been the foundation of the scheme.

      High quality joinery is part of the first impression. Coats storage with integrated 3D signage sits alongside a white corian reception desk. This uses the ceramic floortiles to link the reception desk to the main flooring finish.

      The refurbishment project timeline was based on a 12 week program, but was dramatically compressed to achieve a Jan 1st completion just 8 weeks after commencement. Planning permission for the external changes were obtained in outline as was building control, with formal approvals obtained after completion. The 2700 sq ft project was undertaken for a cost of £250K. Externally the red-brick building has a new entrance facade finished in a portland stone render colour which matches a similar, original, feature on the building opposite.

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