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    Office Refurbishment in Kingston Surrey

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      Office refurbishment for aviation company in Kingston

      Completion on a fairly extensive office refurbishment in Kingston, Surrey, is ready early Feb. Most of the office is complete after a refurbishment lasting 9 weeks. The 3 storey building is a mix of training and storage on the ground floor with open plan offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas on the upper levels. At peak occupancy the office will be able to support upwards of 70 in an overall space of 8900 sq ft. The top floor is more of a build-out, whereas Ground and 1st Floors already had some partitions and infrastructure that have been retained and refurbished. Almost 800 sq ft is used for secure storage giving an overall occupancy figure of 114 sq ft per person. With scope for growth, when required, the refurbished office will work out at just over 100 sq ft per person. Not bad in a building with over 50 meeting / Teams spaces and 12 training spaces as well.

      glass partitioned meeting rooms

      The office will eventually run 24/7. This influenced several design parameters to create a durable, easy to maintain, office interior. The refurb works included repair of HVAC systems which had lain inoperative for 3 years, as well as a few other hidden defects stemming from the long unoccupied period. Bringing a building back to life after a dark spell has some challenges.

      open plan office design

      open plan desk area

      Office refurbishment design

      An office refurbishment is a mix of old and new. Its important to have a common-sense approach to areas of expenditure whilst acknowledging the down-side. Unchanged finishes can detract from overall appearance. In this project the finished result seems to have balanced old and new without obvious clash.

      office breakout area

      The building is a late 90’s construction with full height glazing. This gives all the spaces plenty of daylight and is a great starting point….we’re not trying to put lipstick on granny.

      Several carry over systems required more than just a clean-up. Access control failed prior to commencement and was an unexpected budget item, as was the extent of the HVAC mechanical faults. Electrical wiring had a few faults that only came to light during the refurbishment. Good examples of the need for a contingency figure in any Office Refurb budget.

      staff breakout area furniture

      The refurb included a new secure store room for aircraft maintenance records held in paper format. Although the records have no value they’re important to allow aircraft to keep flying. The secure room is constructed using ply-lined walls with steel security mesh, water-resistant bund, leak detection and fire suppression. All within conventional looking dry-lined partition walls.

      managers office furniture in the office refurbishment in Kingston on Thames.

      On the upper level is an Operations room designed to be used as a DR space as well as a day-to-day office for 10 people. This room has dedicated internet lines that are connected to the supported power so that telecoms can work in the event of a power outage. A large white 16-seater boardroom table includes power sockets for 16 Users as a DR meeting room. Two offices have managers furniture in a distinctive oak finish with tub style meeting chairs.

      16 seater boardroom table white boardroom table

      Latest Technology Included in the Office Refurb

      Meeting rooms across all 3 refurbished office floors have Logitech video conference hardware installed by the Fusion team for good quality sound and vision. Our scope included a firewall and networking hardware, Unifi wifi points and two APC UPS devices. A new back entrance door has also been installed where previously there was just a fixed glass pane, for quick access from car parking spaces. Access control on both front entrance, new back door, and an internal room, use programmable access cards with software controlled by our client. This system can be operated by proximity cards, key fobs, and the front door also has an integrated keypad that is operated by a pin number, giving multiple access formats for different groups of users such as staff, cleaner, and trades.

      glass meeting room partitions

      Including new furniture throughout the entire building, audio visual and networking hardware, the costs for the whole office refurbishment in Kingston worked out at £33.00 per sq ft and took 9 weeks for practical completion including some design changes and additions during the office refurbishment project. This cost includes the re-design and specification of furniture. A number of HVAC units were inoperative and new parts were fitted to bring them back online.

      office breakout furniture in an office refurbishment in kingston. The 3 floor office has new partitioning and flooring, new office furniture, and integrated office tech.

      staff breakout furniture in an office refurbishment in Kingston. Fusion Office design are an office refurbishment company specialising in refurbishment design, project management, combined with office furniture to enhance the office interior and achieve better ways of working.

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