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Boardroom Design Ideas

Boardroom Design Ideas

Fusion are experts in boardroom design services including interior design, boardroom furniture, lighting and audio visual, for unified design, planning layout and install.

Boardroom design is one of the key parts of a successful office. Designing a multi-purpose meeting room, or an impressive boardroom space, starts with a considered understanding of the objective. Is the boardroom design a feature, a multi-purpose space or a practical meeting and team area.

This gallery of boardroom design ideas highlight how differing fit-out styles create a markedly different ‘feel’, and alters the purpose of a room. Black, imposing, boardroom chairs and solid tables lead to a room designed for weighty decisions. Office Meeting rooms with glass partitions, lighter meeting tables and maximum daylight seem more relaxed, less about authority and more about exploration.

Boardroom Design Principles

Designing a boardroom or exec meeting room has some basic principles:

  • Is the room to be multi-purpose;
  • is cable management important;
  • will the room need AV and video conference equipment;
  • what other presentation surfaces are needed;
  • is sound insulation a requirement;
  • should the room be a ‘flagship’ space, inspirational, collaborative, authoritative and impressive?

Deciding on these factors will provide a starting point for the design scheme of any meeting room or boardroom.

Designing a large boardroom has its own challenges. Viewing angles for screens become harder to resolve, and large board rooms can incorporate repeater screens and multiple microphone/speaker positions. As tables become larger, the ‘reach’ distance across a table is a factor to consider. Lighting design in boardrooms is a balance between effective illumination and scene-setting. Large boardrooms in particular benefit from lighting control systems. Its quite common to find larger boardrooms fitted-out with double doors allowing larger numbers of people to enter and exit with less restriction. Building Regulations also play a role in determining the total number of people who can occupy a single space, relating to fire safety and the regulations concerning fresh air in a room.

Boardroom design is also a chance to express the culture and aspirations of the organisation. Board room design can use high end materials and finishes without being self-conscious. Bold and commanding design, rather than opulence, are regular attributes for a good boardroom design scheme. Our board room design process starts with the basics. How many people and what are the plusses and minuses of the architecture in terms of ceiling height and natural light, fresh air and cooling, materials used in the base build, and access to services for power and AV cables.

Once we have your brief on these core elements Fusion bring mood images into play to test what style catches the eye, before presenting board room design ideas using visuals, plans and product images. Our expertise in joinery and furniture sits alongside experience in fitting-out boardrooms and Fusion carry out every aspect of boardroom refurbishment or boardroom fit out in a project-managed and unified approach.