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    Cellular Offices

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      Partitioned Offices

      Executive office design, meeting rooms and cellular offices. The practical division of space, subject to stringent fire regulations, providing an area of calm and concentration, privacy and continuity. Partitioned office spaces must meet a number of demands, and the style often corresponds with the wider design scheme whilst meeting the needs of the occupier.
      Demountable office partitioning is the typical method of creating an individual office for a Manager or Director, or for a meeting room. Cost effective, re-usable, and able to mix solid and glazed sections, demountable partitions are tested to meet Fire Regs, and can be relocated without a lot of disruption. Low price systems can suffer from sound transfer and low structural rigidity. Higher quality office partitioning offer double glazing, multiple layers of plasterbord and cavity insulation for improved sound reduction.

      An important factor to consider regards Air Con services which should be adapted once an open plan area is enclosed, and this can also apply to fire alarm and smoke detection services.

      Sound Transfer Between Partitioned Rooms

      The thickness of walls is a good guide to the quality of a system. Solid partition walls at 60mm or 75mm are the minimum level for an office. 100mm walls provide enhanced sound and fire resistance, whilst anything thicker than 100mm will achieve good levels of sound privacy. Ideal for creating executive offices and acoustically insulated meeting rooms, high quality partitioning systems perform as well as solid walls but retain adaptability enabling reconfiguration when necessary. Recent innovations offer improved acoustic performance without multiple layers. Sound block plasterboard and acoustic glass are uprated compared to standard materials, and are often cost effective compared to adding more layers.

      Useful to note that sound transfer can stem from gaps in ceilings, air con ducts and even underfloor voids. Cellular office walls are only one piece in this jigsaw.

      Fusion design office partitioning and cellular rooms using space plans and perspective visuals. Contact us for a design meeting.