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Bench Desking

Bench desking first appeared as a 'free address' concept. The entire perimeter of the bench desks, including the ends, were free for staff to sit anywhere. The most common format was for the long sides to be the regular working positions and the ends used as meeting / visitor zones.

Currently office furniture bench desking is thought of as the most efficient space planning footprint, and the lowest capex option, but this oversimplifies the types of bench desking available.

Types of bench desks

Office Bench desks now come in several sub categories.

  1. Free address. Sit anywhere around the perimeter, use as much or little space as needed. Ideal for collaborative team working.
  2. Engineered Platform. Any add-on has been covered by the engineering of the frame. Screens, high level storage, monitor arms. The engineered platform has a lot in common with trading desks.
  3. Engineered to a price. Simple, robust platform that shares components for low cost.
  4. Quick to build. Several bench desk systems offer very fast installation and easy churn. Eliminating screws and cams makes a system that is ideal for facilities departments that regularly need to add or take away workstations, or who churn the office constantly.
  5. Height Adjustable. Some bench desk systems incorporate individual height adjustment for the desk tops. Simple bench systems struggle to accommodate very tall or petite workers, and individual height adjustment is the solution, at a cost.
  6. Freestanding. Not really a bench, but a group of freestanding desks designed as a bench layout. Possibly the lowest cost of ownership for offices with regular churn, but doesn’t have the advantage of minimal leg frames.
    Establishing the type of bench system that offers the best solution for an organisation helps to focus on the suitable ranges, rather than evaluating any and all office bench desks in a crowded market.

CONTACT FUSION for impartial advice on the best bench desk range, cost information, details of finishes and space planning layouts.

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