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Boardroom Chairs

Boardroom chairs offer the greatest level of quality, comfort and impressive appearance to reflect the use of a boardroom and the decisions that can be made there. Boardroom chairs are typically more relaxed in sitting position compared to meeting chairs or office chairs. Generally boardroom chair designs are slightly larger in scale to be in proportion with a large table. As an important element of the boardroom furniture choice, chairs often have as much impact on the style and function of the boardroom as the table and other furniture elements. Most design icons from the 20th century are chairs including designs for board rooms.

High Back Boardroom Chairs

High back chairs can provide shoulder support, and are commanding when gathered around a table. High quality upholstery using finer leather or fabric ensures seating comfort is maintained during longer meetings. Leather boardroom chairs are the default option for finishes, with fabric and mesh becoming more popular.

Space planning for Board room chairs needs thought as they can have a broader footprint as armrests are usually wider, making careful planning of perimeter space around a table important. We also plan the spacing of chairs in relation to table legs to ensure a clash of legs and chairs is avoided.

Office Boardroom chairs include some of the design classics from the 20th century including high back Eames softpad chairs. The combination of polished metal and leather upholstery, also notable in car design, yields some of the most iconic furniture designs. Colour choice on chairs can be selected from a vast range of leathers and fabrics. Although black leather is an easy choice, black can be an aggressive tone in a board room. Softening the colour choice on chairs makes a big difference as boardroom chairs account for a large part of the visible furnishings.

The importance of the upholstered cover is often overlooked when considering the comfort of a chair. Leather comes in a wide range of grades and cheap reconstituted leather is mostly a false economy as the breathability will be minimal, scuff resistance unlikely and general sit-comfort poor. Better quality leather will be supple and comfortable, much more durable, and have better colour choices. In many cases good leather will also be produced with the use of less chemicals and natural dyes.

Fabric upholstery, as with leather, comes in many grades. Low-cost man made fabrics often seem reasonable value but usually fall short in performance. Synthetic fabrics usually provide less comfort as they will be thinner than wool fabric. The long-meeting comfort is often compromised as the fabric heats-up and holds more moisture. Colours can also fade in synthetic fabrics when a wool material might look better for longer.

Choosing the cover for a chair can be just as important as the selection of the chair itself.

With a wide selection of boardroom chairs to choose from, we like to give you the opportunity to browse through our full product range. Head over to Managers Executive Meeting Chairs for a further look at the products we have on offer.