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    Corian Reception Desk

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      A Corian reception desk is custom made to exact requirements or from a range of pre-designed reception desks. Whether it’s the unique finish, precise dimensions, layout and organisation of the working setup, or a combination of all three, corian reception desks can be made to fulfil any parameter. The advantage of Corian for reception desks is the seamless surface that can be moulded, shaped and detailed as if from a solid block of material. For installation a corian reception desk can be delivered in sections. On site the joints are filled and polished to create the seamless linear reception desk apprearance quickly and faultlessly.

      Corian Reception desk design benefits from the greater budget assigned to one of the key first impression pieces within an office. Reception desks often use high-end materials including corian, or a mix of finishes, to create visually interesting pieces of furniture within a space large enough to gain a good impression.

      Reception Desk Lighting

      Accent lighting can be incorporated into a reception desk, particularly as LED lamps are readily available, inexpensive, and don’t have the heat problems of other lamp types.

      Design of a corian reception desk usually has a link to the surrounding architecture as well as the branding or image of a business. Often a new reception, and the desk in particular, can capture a new business culture.

      Fusion Office Design offer a design service to create a reception desk, and the reception interior, based on a brief no matter how preliminary. Its our job to turn your ideas into a visual design, or suggest ideas based on the building and business.

      Corian Reception Desks with glass, stone, and wood are all popular combinations, which as you can see above, Fusion have used previously as part of a reception refurb project. Our design service for a corian reception desk will include visuals, design of the working set-up, advice on colour and proportion, as well as practical elements such as cable management, storage and security.

      Its crucial when designing a corian reception desk to ensure good ergonomics are high on the list of design parameters. Fusion have undertaken detailed studies of reception desk ergonomics to evaluate working height, reach distance, VDU screen placement and other elements of working setup to ensure all out corian reception desks are built to perform as well as to impress. Contact Fusion Office Design for a brochure on all our corian reception desk designs, bespoke manufacturing or to discuss our services and how we can help.

      Why Choose Fusion Office Design for Reception Table Design?

      Here at Fusion Office Design in London we have been providing customers throughout London and the surrounding areas with quality reception table designs for a number of years now. We are well known for the high quality goods and services we provide to customers across the area, no matter what your reasons are for needing a reception table, you can rest assured that Fusion Office Design will have what you are looking for. Over the years we have listened to our customer feedback and believe that some of the reasons you should choose us for reception table design are:

      • Quality products
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      • Wide range to choose from
      • Cover the whole of London
      • 5* rated feedback

      Reception Tables for Sale

      At Fusion Office Design our expert team has years of experience in providing reception tables and reception table design, so if you’re in need of ‘reception tables for sale’, simply get in touch with our team today. With an extensive range of reception tables we offer high quality products that are also at great prices, so if it’s cost efficient that you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. At Fusion Office Design we help clients to get the most out of their office space and with this in mind we will provide you with effective and efficient reception tables and reception table design.

      Reception Table Designers

      When searching for ‘reception table designers’, you can call off the search, if you are looking to buy quality and affordable reception tables, then look no further, Fusion Office Design can always be on hand to assist. We are renowned for providing high quality office furniture that includes reception design tables, our products aim to give any reception area a refreshed look. No reception or office space is too big or too small, at Fusion Office Design we should always be your first choice when looking for reception table designers.