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    Corner Desks

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      The corner desk, originally launched as an integrated computer and facilities desk in the mid ’80s, was initially designed to enhance the L-shape workstation for use with growing sizes of CRT computer monitors. To meet VDU workplace regulations it was determined that a depth of 1100mm was needed for the monitor, keyboard and paperwork.

      Now that flat screens have replaced CRTs, the original design purpose has gone. Instead, corner desks have become a standard format where a task involves computer work, paperwork and multiple tasks. The large worksurface is popular, and corner desks are generally easy to space plan with several layout options.

      Pedestals can be on the return at desk height or under the desk, and integrated storage cabinets are a part of most ranges.

      Frame options include cantilever and panel legs, centre I frame legs and ‘4-leg’ styles. Cable management is handled in various ways depending upon the framework of the corner desk.

      If corner desks aren’t suited to the layout of your office, try bench desk systems or alternative office desks. Fusion design bespoke desk systems to suit your requirements as a company. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us today and asking about costs and more detailed information.