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      Modern Office Desks

      Office desks can be flexible or fixed, nomadic or static, individual or shared….the modern office desk has many variations. The principle is to offer a worksurface that has sufficient space for the task, accommodates the services and hardware, storage and team desk clusters, fits with the physical space and any need for reconfiguration.

      Appearance, finishes and durability also come in to the mix, and the modern office furniture desk images shown here are just a cross-section of office furniture systems from some of the outstanding manufacturers producing office furniture. There are an amazing set of choices for desks with modern office desks increasingly offering a wide range of finishes within one workstation or cluster. Wood is being used as a structural element for legs and frames mixed with laminate tops for a balance between natural materials and hard-wearing made made finishes. Steel legs offer a mix of materials that can work well

      Fusion Office Design work with a number of manufacturers, and put forward recommendations based on your criteria, budget and lead-time. We’ll explain the warranty and continuity provisions, reliability and installation aspects, and talk through the advantages of suitable ranges.

      The white modern desk style has become a byword for current office interiors. Mixed with contrasting materials or colours there is such a wide range of possibilities that having a furniture partner to navigate through the selections can be a boon.

      There are several idiosyncratic desk ranges which don’t conform to conventional thinking. These desk ranges use different shapes, styles or layouts to present new ways of working. The office computer desk has come a long way since the early 20th century first saw desks that changed the officescape for ever.

      Cable Managed Desks

      Most office desks have options to improve the organisation, privacy and cable management. Matching storage and meeting tables are also part of a typical range. Factoring-in all the criteria usually leads to a shortlist of several makes, from which Fusion can quote for individual items or an entire layout plan.

      Desks With Organisational storage

      A number of options exist for desks with integrated organisational facilities. Some use adjacent storage cabinets, some have concealed storage below the surface and several offer purpose made cubbys on top of the desk much as original escritoires or writing desks.

      Fusion Office Design cater for all styles and sizes of offices. We bring you Bench Desking and Corner Desks, which may be better suited to the layout and size of your office.

      Contact Fusion for more detailed information and costings, free space planning and design.