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    Folding Meeting Tables

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      Folding meeting tables offer the combination of flexible table layouts and the ability to fold the tables and clear a room partially or completely. Folding meeting tables ensure the furniture is always coordinated with the use of the space.

      Folding meeting tables are specified according to the parameters of usage.

      1. Numbers to be seated around a table layout, within a given room size, determines the individual size of a table section.
      2. Table configuration such as U shape, classroom rows or a block of tables determines the shape of a table set or the shape of tables needed to make various layouts. Linked to this is the types of presentation and meeting…whiteboard, desktop, team sessions, PC based, etc.
      3. How often tables are reconfigured and where tables are parked when out of use determines the folding system. Most systems are light and don’t need fitting teams to reconfigure them.
      4. Cable management requirements play a part in specifying the ideal table system.

      Finish and cost also have an important role to play when choosing the right folding meeting tables system. The process almost always starts with a space plan to get the ‘fit’ for the room(s). Fusion Office Design will plan a meeting room as the first step in advising on the best system to use. If a room is dual purpose, used as a meeting room and for training, Fusion can suggest training table systems which are more impressive in appearance.

      Versatile Flip Top Tables

      A number of folding meeting tables also offer modesty panels that fold with the top, or as a separate add-on panel for occasional use. Versatile flip top desks and tilt top meeting tables can be used in a variety of ways to create versatile meeting furniture and adaptable tables with multiple uses.

      Folding Meeting Table Configurations

      Typical folding table configurations are shown in the graphic below.

      folding meeting table configurations

      Folding meeting table configurations vary according to the module shapes, sizes and order of placement. Some systems have irregular shaped linking tables to create a particular overall shape, ideal when the meeting room has a main layout used regularly. The size of individual tables is most important as this determines the configurations that will fit in the overall room size. Several systems fold completely and are placed on a trolley to move, whereas the most common type is a flip-top meeting table on wheels. The trolley-style tables work well when there’s an occasional need for extra tables, stored in adjacent areas.

      Configurable conference room tables can be quick to move and change, offer multiple layouts and table sizes depending on the module size and table shapes.

      Fusion space plan meeting rooms with folding meeting tables to work out the ideal solution for all configurations possible. Contact us for a free space planning consultation or information on table costs and the best folding meeting table system for your requirements. Click here to see Folding Office Tables in the Turntable lite range