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    Folding Office Meeting Tables

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      Folding Office Meeting Tables

      A narrow version of our successful Turntable range, these ‘Lite’ folding office meeting tables have a drop-leaf system that gives a versatile combination of table configurations. Folding office meeting room tables help any meeting space to be multi-purpose as the tables are quick and easy to fold and clear, or to reconfigure. Our folding modular meeting tables on wheels offer a number of layouts. Tables can be positioned end-to-end, side to side, or half folded to make a training table format. This versatility is one of the reasons for choosing this range of modular folding tables.

      Integral Power and Cable Management

      The folding table comes in two standard sizes, 180cm x 120cm and 240cm x 120cm. Other sizes can be produced if required. The tables have integral cable management via the column leg-riser and through to socket modules with power or cable ports in the surface. As our Turntable Lite range has a fixed centre section its easy to fit sockets and wiring that can stay in position permanently, even when the meeting table is folded.

      Tables are designed to link together using simple connectors. Folding the tables is a simple process. Each leg folds inward and the hinged leaf drops down. Folding both leaves takes less than a minute, requires no tools, and the table is ready to wheel away. Folding one leaf allows the table to be used as a training table at 80cm wide. With both sides folded down the table is 40cm wide, making a great side surface when a room is used for events. Re-configuring tables or folding them fully is a one-person operation.

      Convenient reconfiguration.

      The images of tables in walnut are taken at a client in central London. Andreas, the FM, used to take 2-3 hours with 3 people to reconfigure the 4 rooms with their previous table system. Using the new modular table system requires just 20 – 30 minutes to reconfigure a 26-person table and seating setup into any of the layouts. This includes de-com and re-com of the power sockets on the tables.

      Finishes for the Folding Office Tables

      Turntable Lite is available in compact laminate, regular melamine finishes and in veneer. Images show a table in two-tone pale and dark grey giving a further range of choices. The steel column leg can be specified in contrast colours and provides the integral cable riser route.

      The Lite folding meeting table offers a different route to achieving a flexible meeting room set-up. Regular tilt-top tables are only open or closed whereas this range has open, half closed for training rooms, and folded. In the folded mode its easy to move out of the room completely or push to the side and use the surface as a side table. The leg position is inset allowing chairs to be positioned all round the perimeter including at the end of the tables. The style is closer in appearance to a conventional, static, meeting room table and are a bit more solid and stable compared to tilt-tops without sacrificing any of the modular folding versatility.

      Contact Fusion for more information or to get our advice on planning a room using any of our folding meeting table ranges.