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    Height Adjustable Meeting Tables

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      Sit-Stand Meeting Tables

      Sit-stand meeting tables and electrically operated height-adjustable meeting tables offer the choice of regular table height and stand-up meeting tables. Using electrically powered rise-and-fall actuation these tables effortlessly create conventional meeting furniture or stand-up meetings at the touch of a button. The ability to choose the format for meetings using sit-stand furniture gives more scope to configure the meeting room to match the style of meeting. Standing Height meeting furniture often makes for faster-paced meetings, or for a more animated discursive style where its easier to move around and use whiteboard surfaces etc.

      Meeting Furniture with Electric Height Adjustment

      Our range of high quality sit-stand meeting tables uses a thoroughly engineered steel telescopic column with an electric motor to raise or lower the table swiftly at the touch of a button. The column is also designed for cable routes so the meeting furniture can still incorporate power sockets on the surface.

      Our height adjustable meeting tables range includes flip-top tables with height adjustment which changes height from conventional sitting height through to full standing height meeting level. Top options include a dry-wipe whiteboard surface allowing the table to double up as a mobile whiteboard when needed, adding an extra function to this versatile mobile table.

      Alongside stand up meeting tables we also offer high tables designed for use with stools or as a stand up meeting table. These are popular in several settings. Stand up tables usually lead to shorter meeting durations, great for fast-paced get-togethers. They’re also commonly used in dual purpose canteen areas that are used for ad hoc meetings outside of lunchtimes. Stand up tables are usually fixed height, unlike sit-stand tables which have height range typically starting around 700mm rising to 1100mm.

      Electric height adjustment has become a cost-effective add on to meeting tables, giving furniture greater versatility. For costs and advice on table sizes please get in touch and we can get information back to you immediately.