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Office Pods

Office work pods, meeting pods and breakout pods are all uses for high level enclosed or partially enclosed acoustic office pod spaces that are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes. Integrated technology and whiteboards are common in office pods, and they can be used as meeting and team spaces, for individual work pods, private concentration booths and phone booths. Flexibility is part of the value of pods as they are easy to relocate and adapt to office changes.

Office Pods for Flexible Working Spaces

In ever changing office environments, maximising efficiency, productivity and having a flexible workspace is now more important than ever. With wireless technology redefining the working environment, it’s time to move away from the traditional desk and offer a varied office environment.

At Fusion Office Design we have been offering our range of office pods to customers throughout the UK, for a number of years. Our range of meeting pods and office pods, are suitable for a range of purposes ranging from meeting spaces to chill out areas and much more.

The office pods we offer come in a range of styles and sizes, and as experienced office designers we can help you choose the best type of office pod for your meeting space. Whether it’s an integrated meeting space, or a whiteboard ideas room, then be sure to select your new office pod from Fusion Office Design.


Types of Office Pods

There are many different office pods to choose from, some of the most popular office pods, we offer at Fusion Office Design include:

Office Meeting Pods
Meeting pods are perfect for holding private group meeting or client meetings. With an acoustic meeting pod, you can create a private space, that’s still in the centre of your office. The meeting pods we offer to our customers throughout can be fully customised, from windows to colours, and furniture, we can create the perfect meeting mod you’re your specific requirements.

Work Pods
A work pod, is an individual working space, which allows workers to go and work in a separate space away from the main working environment. At Fusions Office Design, we offer a range of high quality, bespoke work pods, which can be customised to meet your office’s needs.

Chill Out Pods
If you’re in need of a separate chill out / break area for your employees and your office in the UK, doesn’t have the space, then get in touch with Fusion Office Design. Our chill out office pods, are available in a number of designs and sizes. At Fusion office Design we have the perfect chill out office pods for all our customers’ needs.

Phone Pods and phone booths
Phone pods and phone booths are a great way to add privacy and an acoustic barrier in an open-plan setting, part of the broken-plan office design trend. Booths can be used as touchdown positions, for staff making a call that could be disruptive or that just needs a degree of privacy. Whatever the motive a free-standing phone booth can do an effective job and moves easily when changing the office layout, or moving office, making it a good investment.

Why Choose An Office Pod?

An office pod is a great solution, when you simply don’t have the budget or space for an additional space in your office environment. Using an office pod can give you a separate and private space for your employees to work or for you to hold meetings in, whilst still being in the heart of your office. When it comes to needing a flexible working space, get in touch with Fusion Office Design, we have a great selection of office pods to choose from.

Benefits of Pod Spaces

  • Can be used for a range of purposes
  • Can be designed and built to specification
  • Furniture can come separate or built in
  • Many styles and sized office pods to choose from
  • Offers a flexible working space
  • More cost effective than building an internal space, over the medium term.
  • Acoustic office pods offer a break from the noise of open plan, or better sound privacy.


Contact Fusion Office Design for Meeting and Office Pods

When it comes to needing an office design company that offer meeting and office pods to businesses throughout the UK, then be sure to get in touch with Fusion Office Design. We office a range of office pods, that are can be used for any number of purposes such as meetings, chill out zones and much more. All the pods we offer are from leading manufacturers and are designed to not only offer an independent office zone, but a space that’s fully functional and comfortable to work in. For more information on the office pods we offer, feel free to get in touch with Fusion Office Design and one of our team will be more than happy to assist.