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      Office work pods, meeting pods, and breakout pods are all used for high level enclosed or partially enclosed acoustic office pod spaces available in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes. Integrated technology and whiteboards are standard in office pods, and they can be used as meeting and team spaces for individual work pods, private concentration booths and phone booths. Flexibility is part of the value of pods as they are easy to relocate and adapt to office changes. Whether you need a dedicated space, acoustic meeting space or garden room buildings, we have you covered.

      Are You Looking For Flexible Working Environments?

      Are you looking for private meeting space within your office? Maybe you are looking for an extensive range of garden office pods? If so, you are in the right place; with a selection of separated meeting spaces and offices, we can provide you with a garden office, office pod or modular design that can fit into your current office.

      Office work pods, meeting pods, and breakout pods are all used for high-level enclosed or partially enclosed working situations; acoustic office pod spaces are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes. Integrated technology and whiteboards are standard in office pods, and they can be used as a meeting and team spaces for individual work pods, private concentration booths and phone booths.

      Flexibility is part of the value of pods as they are easy to relocate and adapt to office changes. We have you covered whether you need a dedicated space, acoustic meeting space or garden room buildings. Our team here at Fusion Office Design can offer you thoroughly insulted acoustic meeting pods that will provide the wow factor. To benefit from our excellent service, get in touch today!

      Office Pods UK

      If you are looking for an office pod option in the UK, look no further; at Fusion Office Design, we have covered you. We are experts in office design and furniture, and with this in mind, you couldn’t choose a better place when searching for ‘office pods in the UK’.

      As expert office equipment and professional office designers, we can offer you office pod setups; small garden offices are perfect for your office’s garden space.

      Regarding the constantly changing office environment, pods will allow you to maximise efficiency and productivity and provide you with a flexible workspace that has become more important than ever, including digital office hubs. 

      Wireless technology is now a staple part of the workplace, and when considering this, it’s essential to reconsider varied office spaces over more traditional office environments. With spaces perfect for mobile and tablet devices, you can have it all from the Fusion Office Design team; you won’t even need to find planning permission. Office pods are a great addition to any office.

      Our selection of meeting pods, acoustic office pods and garden buildings are great for different uses, whether you need a breakout area, a place to hold a meeting or a place to concentrate. Choosing a garden office pod may sound strange, but it is a great option to help get your staff outside; a new garden office allows for fresh air and productivity.

      For more information on the pods that we offer across the UK, feel free to call on the team at Fusion Office Design today. If you would like more information on pods, why not check out our recent blogs, The Main Reasons Your Office Needs Privacy Pods and The Productivity Benefits of Having Office Pods.

      Office Meeting Pods

      The range of office meeting pods we stock come in an array of types, styles and sizes, including completely detached from your indoor space through to fully integrated wall panels. Choose your new office pod from Fusion Office Design today from integrated meeting spaces, ideas rooms, and chill-out areas.

      Whether you choose to have an office pod developed with natural materials for garden rooms or go for high-quality materials perfect for indoors, we have everything you could need! Office pods allow for the perfect work-life balance as they can ve used to take personal calls, work on projects independently or share with colleagues.

      Regarding our office meeting pods, we aim to help our clients save money with our products but still ensure that they receive high-quality office furniture that provides flexibility.

      Our meeting pods are excellent for hosting private or group meetings or meetings with clients, giving you a professional edge. We also stock acoustic meeting pods, allowing you to create a private space that will still be the centre of your office.

      The meeting pods we provide customers throughout London and the UK can be fully tailored to fit your requirements. Our bespoke office meeting pods include different windows, colours, and furniture; we can also help to create the perfect meeting pod. Perfect for all-year-round use and offers privacy during consultations and comfortable space.

      What Are The Different Types Of Office Pods

      There are many different pods to choose from, and some of the most popular office pods we offer at Fusion Office Design include:

      Work Pods

      A work pod is an individual working space that allows workers to go and work in a separate space away from the immediate working environment. A work pod has the benefits of a separated space but being semi-permanent can be relocated with none of the waste of dismantling a conventional partitioned room.

      Chill Out Pods

      If you need a separate chill-out/break area for your employees and your UK office doesn’t have space, then get in touch with Fusion Office Design. Our chill-out pods are available in several designs and sizes.

      Phone Pods and Phone Booths

      Phone pods and phone booths are a great way to add privacy and an acoustic barrier in an open-plan setting, part of the broken-plan office design trend. Whatever the motive, a free-standing phone booth can do an adequate job and moves quickly when changing the office layout or moving the office, making it a good investment.

      Office Meeting Pods

      Office meeting pods are space-saving and modern, and for forward-thinking businesses, they mean that valuable space isn’t being taken up temporarily. Maybe your meeting room isn’t used more than a couple of times a day or even a couple of times a week. If that meeting room could be better used as office space, but you still require somewhere to hold meetings, meeting pods could be the most space and cost-effective solution.

      Garden Office Pods

      If you have a garden attached to your building, we can help build you a bespoke garden building ideal for holding meetings in the summer and enjoying the outdoors. More and more people do not want to be stuck indoors over the summer, so why not look into our selection of garden rooms or pods?

      We can go through a design consultation with you to help find a stylish fitting addition to your office garden. Perfect for hosting staff green retreats, group meetings and consultations. A garden office is a great place to work if you are working from home!

      Acoustic Office Pods

      Several pods have integral noise baffling qualities aimed at making the internal space as quiet as a conventional partitioned room, if not quieter. Designed-in acoustics also work well in reducing the noise energy inside the pod. Acoustic pods can include doors that close into a frame, enhancing the sound insulation.

      Acoustic Pods are increasingly popular due to the increasing need to create meeting spaces and ‘quiet zones’ within open-plan offices or other open areas. Acoustic Pods create a room within a room. They are now available with several features such as led lighting controlled by infra-red, whiteboard panels, TV monitor units and air circulation units to make each meeting or user session as comfortable as possible.

      Meeting Pods in London

      Office Meeting pods are perfect for holding private group meetings or client meetings. With an acoustic meeting pod, you can create a private space that’s still in the centre of your office. The meeting pods we offer our customers throughout can be fully customised, from windows to colours and furniture; we can create the perfect meeting mod for your specific requirements.

      Office pods and meeting booths create usable and private workspaces which can be located in almost any environment. Offices and call centres can be boisterous places, with noise being one of the main contributors to work tension. Meeting pods are becoming increasingly popular in open plan and large office spaces as they create a quiet space where you can hold business meetings and engage in collaborative work.

      Why Choose An Office Pod?

      An office pod is a great solution when you want flexibility for additional defined space in your office environment. Using an office pod can give you a separate and private space for your employees to work or hold meetings in whilst still being in the heart of your office. Offering many benefits, we promise you will love your work life once you have an office pod; whether you have an open office and need some quiet time or a company that holds many meetings, they are perfect.

      Some of the benefits of choosing office meeting pods include;

      • It can be used for a range of purposes
      • Can be designed and built to specification
      • Furniture can come in separate or built-in
      • Many styles and sized office pods to choose from
      • It offers a flexible working space
      • More cost-effective than building an internal space over the medium term.
      • Acoustic pods offer a break from the noise of open plan or better sound privacy.
      • Quicker to reconfigure compared to partitions.
      • No need to require planning permission
      • No need for permitted development rights

      Contact Fusion Office Design for Meeting and Office Pods

      When it comes to needing an office design company that offers meetings and office pods to businesses throughout the UK, then be sure to get in touch with Fusion Office Design. We have a range of pods that can be used for various purposes such as meetings, chill-out zones and much more.

      All the pods we offer are from leading manufacturers and are designed to offer an independent office zone and a space that’s fully functional and comfortable to work in. For more information on the office pods we offer, feel free to contact Fusion Office Design; one of our team will be more than happy to assist. We can even offer you refurbishment services when you need them.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Office Pods

      What are office pods?

      Office pods include meeting pods and breakout pods; they can be used for a range of things, and at Fusion Office Desk, we offer pods in different styles, sizes and finishes. They also can include integrated technology and whiteboards, common in office pods; they can also be used for meetings and team spaces or individual and private work. Pods are popular because they’re flexible, can be relocated, and adapt to office changes.

      What types of office furniture do you offer?

      At Fusion Office Design, we provide an extensive range of office furniture, including office pods. Our office pod range covers garden office pods, outdoor office pods, office meeting pods, home office pods, movable office pods and open plan office pods. Whatever your needs or whatever type of office pods you require, Fusion Office Design has always got you covered.

      How do I order office furniture?

      If you want to place an order for office pods or furniture, you need to get in touch with the team at Fusion Office Design today. Should you have any questions or queries before ordering, please do not hesitate to contact our team today; we are also known for being on hand to provide any extra assistance you may need.

      Why should I choose office pods?

      If you’re looking for durable, reliable office pods that will last the test of time, the selection available at Fusion Office Design is the best option for you. All of the office furniture and pods we offer have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. With this in mind, we have been offering our office furniture pods to customers throughout the UK for many years, and we have developed a renowned reputation for our excellent quality.