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    Stacking Conference Chairs

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      Stacking conference chairs support high capacity conference spaces where seating numbers are regularly altered or omitted altogether. Conference Stacking chairs must be lighter but extremely strong, ideally offer some seating comfort over and above a basic hard surface seat, and on occassion have fixed guides to maintain ganging (set out in rows).

      Speed of stacking and set out is important when larger spaces are furnished. Trollies are part of most ranges allowing chairs to be stack in sets of 20, 25 and higher, although beyond 25 the weight of a chair stack and trolley can be a safety concern.

      Upholstered seats, either a seat pad or fully upholstered, adds to the comfort but can reduce the stacking height and also can be crushed if chairs are stacked too long.

      Chairs ranges using polyurethane are available. This is a solid surface that has some natural foam qualities to give a mid point between a hard moulded chair and an upholsterd one. Fully upholstered stacking chairs usually stack in 4s, 5s and 10s. The greater the stacking height the less cushioning there will be on a chair.

      Stacking Conference Chairs provide an excellent way for utilising space. Alternatively, you could always take a look at Folding Meeting Chairs which can be stored in an effective manner, just like that of conference Stacking Chairs.