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    Video Conference Tables

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      Video Conference tables offer layouts designed for viewing angles of screens, and from VC cameras, involving solutions for long and narrow perspectives. Single camera set ups and Video Conference meeting rooms with a single or dual screen configured at one end of a room benefit from table and seating positions with a widened perspective. A video conference room table is typically narrower at one end.

      Video Conference room tables often incorporate ‘repeater’ screens to display the on-screen images close to each person rather than everything just on one large screen at the front of the room. Repeater screens can pop-up from inside the table or be mounted centrally in a valley or open centre section. An advantage of repeater screens is the ability to see fine detail, such as text or Excel data, that can be hard to read on one large screen.

      V Shaped Video Conference Tables.

      Video Conference meeting tables offer several alternatives, from ‘V’ and ‘U’ shaped layouts, to articulated tables which hinge from one end to make a wide angle, or closed to make a conventional layout, as a dual-purpose format. Flexible table systems also offer Video Conference room table configurations with the added advantage of being reconfigurable. Fusion offer many types and formats for VC tables furniture. Adaptable, versatile, tables are ideal for video conference meeting rooms. We also offer video conference boardroom tables that are impressive pieces of executive furniture combined with tech capabilities needed in executive video conference room furniture.

      Sockets in V Shaped Conference Tables.

      V shaped tables can be configured with modesty panels along the central space and can be fitted with comprehensive cable management. Power and AV sockets can be fixed beneath the tables or surface mounted for convenience.

      V shaped tables often work well with dual screen setups enabling better viewing angles for screens and for camera coverage. This is the principle feature of a video conference table…enhanced viewing angles for cameras and to screens.

      The choice of a ‘solid’ surface without a gap, or a V with a centre void, partly relates to ease of access for services but also determines how the room appears. A solid table will make a smaller room seem more full whereas a V top can be more open and appear lighter. Its possible to customise the angle of the V shape, or width of a solid table. Fusion are happy to space plan the video conference room to advise on the best table shape and proportion to the room.

      Parameters to configure a video conference table include

      • static or reconfigurable table.
      • integrated power and AV socket requirements.
      • number of people to seat.

      Contact Fusion Office Design today to inquire about costs and further details regarding Video Conference Tables. Alternatively, if you would like to continue browsing, head over to Round Meeting Tables or Office Meeting Tables for a greater selection of meeting room tables that can incorporate VC hardware.