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    Property Strategy Consultancy

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      Property Strategy Consultancy

      Outsourced Property Director Property Strategy Consultancy is a service providing the skills of a Property Director for the time period needed. Our strategy consultants are experienced in reviewing Property as part of an overall strategic business plan. We’ll create a persuasive business case for a property strategy that dovetails with the overall business plan.

      Legacy & Future Office Accommodation Strategy often has to deal with the legacy of office spaces that worked with a different company plan, and a clear objective report from an outsourced Property Director can grasp the nettle of existing commitments, as well as setting a plan of action for the future.

      Cost Savings & Business Plans Strategic Consultancy can be one of the most cost effective instructions a business can make. A Report will set out a range of options with researched and well-argued pros and cons, and an overall recommendation. We’ll consider the role that property must play in order to deliver the Business Plan, create an action plan in order to blend timescales, and define an overall cost analysis with advice on the likely pitfalls and best practice.

      A strategy report should be a legible part of a business plan…after all Property is often the second biggest overhead….and can best contribute to business success when incorporated at the outset.

      FM Objectives Once property is aligned with business, a Facilities Department has a clear set of objectives, location and architecture can become a positive; investment decisions are based on solid ground; managers can concentrate on people and services.

      Estates Strategy An Estates Strategy typically takes control of estates costs, setting out cost-saving actions to ensure that the financial costs of property are kept under control, and provides a framework to manage the portfolio going forward. Budgeting can then be more scientific, with the business plan having a better view on planned property investment, maintenance and end-of-lease costs.

      Benchmarking Estates Strategy will also look at space occupancy compared to benchmarks from other companies, comparative occupancy costs per square foot, benchmarked maintenance costs, and set out the day to day steps required to streamline the Estates management task.

      Lease Registry Often referred to as a property ‘bible’ Fusion quantify the existing portfolio in terms of a drawing register, a register of key lease-related dates for reviews and renewals, rent review and other key dates for property milestones.

      Client Instructions In general we work with three types of instruction. The first are from organisations who don’t have in-house property/estates skills sufficient for a strategic overview. The second type are instructions from businesses that may have the skills, but not the manpower for the task. Lastly we work for companies who want an independent review to test their own conclusions. Property & Estates consultancy is available as a whole service, or individual elements as needed.

      Please contact our Sales department on 07970 411886 to discuss property strategy consultancy, or email [email protected]