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Office Reception Design

      Office reception design ideas

Office reception design must capture the culture and brand of the organisation, control the flow of visitors, and be welcoming and practical, all at once. An Office reception area design operates as a practical area, controlling access, the flow of people and deliveries and providing an initial example of a companies efficiency. Office reception design must combine the practical and visual to satisfy visitors and staff. These images of office reception areas show ideas for the design of an office reception area.

Office Reception Design Ideas

Office reception design by Fusion Office Design mixes practical and prosaic...the reception will work beautifully and provide a clear statement about your business. We consider the architectural limitations of the reception space, the budget constraints, and flow of staff, visitors and deliveries. The lifespan of the reception areas design is factored-in together with the number of people using an office reception area to define the durability and longevity required.

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There are some basic Do's and Not To's when designing an office reception area. Do consider the reception design from the viewpoint of security, visitors, deliveries, staff and the people who work on Reception. Avoid designing the reception area so that visitors are out of sight from the Receptionist. Often a reception design works well when the office is open in working hours, but doesn't include an 'out of hours' capability for visitor access at other times. Heating and cooling in an office reception can be difficult when external air circulation can quickly alter internal temperatures. Factors such as these need to be incorporated to achieve a pleasing and practical reception design. Together with traffic flow and visual line of sight, reception design schemes benefit from de-cluttering. Often the best receptions will have simplified characteristics allowing the key design features to have more impact.

Of particular importance is the spatial layout of visitor and staff access routes. A good reception area design will segregate the flow of staff because this allows the visitor-receptionist interaction to be focused, not interrupted by constant movement of people. 

The impact of Building Regulations, particularly with regard to Access for All and the earlier Disability Discrimination Act, oblige companies to consider an office reception design from the standpoint of accessibility and visitors of all capabilities. Good design for an office reception area will naturally incorporate all the aspects needed to ensure compliance.

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