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      Conference Room Design Services

      Should you be in need of conference room design, Fusion Office Design are the team to call on.  We’re a professional design team and we specialise in a range of conference room design solutions. Our conference room design ideas are efficient and creatively designed to ensure the maximum success for your organisation. At Fusion Office Design, we’re known for transforming office spaces into places where people will love to work. Interior office design is and conference room design trends our speciality and the thing that we’re most passionate about, together we bring imaginative ideas to life and will ensure that your conference room is productive and designed to the highest standards. 

      A conference room can leave a strong impression on your clients, it can either help them to come up with fresh and creative ideas, or an uninspiring room can distract them with how uncomfortable and stuffy it is. The modern conference room is considered a vital part of today’s workplace, they offer a private space for large meetings, a place to discuss confidential topics and also accommodate formal gatherings. It’s a home to meetings and collaborative sessions, conference rooms are a key component of the office environment and are the hub of collaborations and making design statements.

      Call us for a free office design meeting. We'll produce office design ideas, space plans and costed office fit-out proposals, give guidance and advice on your project, and explain exactly what we're able to do for your organisation. Call 020 8251 0692 or email [email protected]

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      These days, we spend a huge amount of our workday in meetings, managers tend to spend about 35% of their workday in meetings which is a lot of time. Well designed meeting room can put attendees at ease as well as encourage conversation and creativity and improve the effectiveness of your meetings. In order to infuse the right amount of professionalism and personality into your conference space, you must ensure that you follow a structured conference room layout design and plan.

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      Types of Conference Room Designs

      This is a common conference room layout for larger events, the theatre style is great for events with central presentations, the layout is rows of chairs facing towards a stage and is also ideal for fitting the maximum amount of people into one space.

      The classroom layout is ideally suited to both medium and large meetings, when there are too many people to sit around one table, we recommend the classroom style for more interactive conferences when people need to take lots of notice. This conference room setup is good for conferences where delegates may not be expected to take a test. It’s important to take into consideration that this style may require a large room, in order to fit tables and chairs for a medium sized audience.

      One of the more traditional conference room setup styles, the boardroom layout is a single table where all attendees sitting around it, we recommend this style for smaller or high profile meetings, this style is also great for breakout sessions.

      U Shape
      This boardroom layout is a good style for conferences or meetings that have 40 people or less, the U shape style is ideal for discussions as everyone can see each other as well as the session leader. We would recommend this conference room layout for meetings that are looking for great interaction between the session leader and the delegates.

      Cabaret style is a good layout for sessions that have both a central presentation and group work, tables are only filled on one side, giving the delegate the view of the presenter as well as the option to talk to each other for discussions or brainstorming sessions. We prefer this conference room layout for interactive environments and have found that it works well for training sessions as well as workshops that need presentations as well as group work.

      This is a great choice for conferences where you’re looking to seat people in smaller groups, it’s mostly used for evening entertainment or an after conference dinner, we love this layout because it encourages conversations in a more relaxed environment.

      This is the perfect room layout for events when working with drinks receptions or short events, as there are no large seated areas, this style of conference room layout helps to promote flexible networking as people move around during the event. We recommend this room layout for people that are hosting networking events as people move around during the event.

      Small Conference Room Ideas

      When it comes to small conference rooms, for the smaller business, the room will usually have multiple uses, it could be a formal setting for board meetings or presentations to important clients. The room can be used for brainstorming sessions where team members get together for longer meetings like annual strategic planning. It may also have a social function as well and video conferencing, linking with customers, partners and employees. As the space is going to be used for a number of things, it’s important that it’s flexible and that the space can be amended and adapted as needed. 

      Modern Conference Room Design

      Even though office workers tend to gravitate towards relaxed office spaces, the modern conference room is a vital part of today’s workplace. They offer private space for larger meetings and provide areas to discuss confidential topics as well as accommodate formal gatherings. Modern conference room designs encourage collaborative sessions, as a key component of your office, they provide collaboration and a new modern conference room design style can help you to make a statement. 

      Elegant conference room chairs placed around a long table will create a modern meeting room setting, these spaces tend to be equipped for large teams and provide equal access as meeting participants gather  around the table. These designs are perfect for sharing ideas, the modern office design plan really does support today’s creative worker. 

      Corporate Conference Room Design

      Office Design by Fusion takes the best from Design & Build and traditional project management for a unique approach to office interior fit out. D&B is a fast-track format with cost certainty that passes risk and responsibility to the design and build company. ‘Traditional’ office refit offers the best in cost competitiveness. Fusion have brought the two together. Our office fit-out model is open-book for transparency, fixed-fee for design and project management, zero mark-up to achieve the best cost, and accepts design and project management responsibility. Coupled with in-house furniture specifying our service is end-to-end, with full control of all elements of a project for reliability and comprehensive service. Fusion leave nothing to chance, setting the critical path deadline at the outset and working as your project partner at every step.

      Conference Room Design Tips

      Choosing the best conference room design can be challenging because it’s such a key part of making sure that your company achieves its objectives, take a look at our meeting room design ideas, some of the best tips to get you started…

      Consider your client’s needs
      Of course you want your clients to be as comfortable as possible, you want them to have enough elbow room, as well as space to get up and walk around. At the same time you may also want the meeting room to be small enough to let people know that they’re safe in a group.

      Choose a table configuration
      There’s a number of seating styles that you can choose from, for example the U-style permits everyone to engage with each other, the theatre style can accommodate a larger number of people, so it’s important that you consider the pros and cons of each style.

      Picking the right room
      The room should be in place where distractions are kept to a minimum, a space near to the CEO’s office would be great, but not a space near the main lobby or facing a construction site out of the window. Soundproofing is also an option if the room is located in a distraction filled area.

      Adjust the lighting
      It’s ok to let in a little natural light from outside, make sure that the windows are covered with blinds and shades, in case the glare becomes distracting, especially if the meeting is in the mid afternoon, other ways to make lighting work include avoiding overhead lighting, using bulbs that give off minimal heat and using wall colours that complement the lighting.

      Choose the right screen
      The screen will be the focal point of the meeting room, so choose it carefully, it should be big enough for everyone in the room to see, but then small enough to not be overwhelming. It should also be positioned at just the right distanced from your audience.

      Your guests should be as comfortable as possible, give them a refrigerator which is closeby so they can get up and drink whenever they need it. Invest in tables with mini-cabinets, so employees and guests have somewhere to put their belongings.

      Consistent design
      The best meeting rooms are the ones which express what your company is about, if your company has a fun, playful image, you can consider a layout which is more quirky, if your business is more dignified and reliable, the meeting room should reflect that too.

      Test run
      When it comes to important events like meetings, preparation is crucial, you will also be able to determine any technical problems before they escalate.

      Call us for a free conference room design meeting. We'll produce conference room design ideas, space plans and costed office fit-out proposals, give guidance and advice on your project, and explain exactly what we're able to do for your organisation. Call 020 8251 0692 or email [email protected]

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      For Conference Room Design, Contact Fusion Office Design

      If you require conference room design, Fusion Office Design have got you covered. We’re home to a team of professional designers who specialise in providing a range of conference room design solutions. Our conference room design ideas are efficient and creatively designed to make sure that you receive the maximum success for your business. 

      Frequently Asked Conference Room Design in London

      Every type of business may require meeting rooms either on a regular or occasional basis. This could be for sales or board meetings, brainstorming sessions, staff training days or product launches.

      Businesses, charities and a variety of private and public bodies also regularly require conference facilities catering for anything from a handful to a large number of delegates.

      Every business is different but the amount of people in your team is a good indicator of the amount of square footage and desk space you will need. 

      A private office within a serviced building is divided on a per person basis. As a general rule of thumb operators allow 40 sq ft per person within each demise but depending on the operator’s brand, offering and style. The larger the team, the fewer sq ft per person is needed as the concentration of desks optimises the use of space. 

      Additional space might be required should you need storage space, dedicated meeting rooms, executive suites etc, within your demise. Please note that all shared facilities are not factored into this calculation as they are included in your rental.

      A meeting room fit out is completely bespoke and tailored to each individual client and space so it is difficult to provide a typical cost. Considerations include whether the project is a shell and core, category A or category B fit out and the quality of the furniture, fixtures and finishes. 

      These changes in cost occur due to the time, nature of the changes, materials uses and the specialist involvement in the project.

      Provided tools and equipment can either make a meeting room a joy to use or an absolute disaster waiting to happen.

      The basic categories are seating, work surfaces, collaborative equipment, acoustics and privacy, though the exact specifications are highly subjective and dependant on what an organisation needs. Some ideas can include:

      • Seating: Longer meetings might require more comfortable and ergonomic seating. Shorter meetings might not even need seating as some companies choose to have stand up meetings to help ensure brevity.
      • Work Surfaces: Most work requires a table of course, though some alternatives might include smaller laptop tables or a lectern for presentation-heavy meeting rooms.
      • Collaborative Equipment: Videoconferencing, room displays, and writing surfaces such as whiteboard or chalkboards. Meeting rooms scheduling systems can also be important depending on the size of your organisation.
      • Privacy: Some conference rooms require improved privacy and may utilise translucent window film or window curtains to improve the rooms isolation. Quality acoustics also play an important role by keeping sound either in or out to improve focus as well as the quality of video conferencing.

      Of course at Fusion Office Design we offer a range of seven conference room designs:

      • Theatre
      • Classroom
      • Boardroom
      • U Shape
      • Cabaret
      • Banquet/Dinner
      • Reception

      For more information on our conference room design services then be sure to get in touch with Fusion Office Design today.