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    Designing The Hybrid Office – A ‘How To’ Guide

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      Are you planning to create a hybrid office shortly? As businesses across the globe look for ways to remain operational, finding innovative solutions that accommodate remote and in-person working has become crucial. 

      Many are now introducing hybrid offices – workspace hubs designed with digital and physical elements. It might sound intimidating, but it can have far-reaching positive implications for your organisation and employees if done well. 

      This article will take you through everything you need to know about designing the perfect hybrid office, from deciding on the space layout to considering technology integrations. 

      Whether you’re new to workplace design or simply looking for tips and tricks for creating a hub that enables collaboration regardless of location, this guide should help get you started!

      What Is A Hybrid Office? 

      Hybrid working is a way of organising work that combines the benefits of working in an office with those of working remotely. This can take many forms, but generally, it involves employees splitting their time between working from a designated office location and working from home or other remote locations. 

      The goal of hybrid working is to create a balance between the need for collaboration and face-to-face interaction and the need for flexibility and autonomy. This can be done through office refurbishment services and utilising office furniture solutions. 

      This approach also allows the company to offer a wider variety of employee locations and cost savings while do not need to provide as much office space.

      Hybrid Office Space

      What Makes A Great Hybrid Office? 

      A contemporary office design follows a few basic rules; here at Fusion Office Design, we have learnt the ins and outs of these over the years and make sure all of our office design solutions follow these criteria; 

      • Make everyone feel at ease while maintaining control over their workspace
      • Make the office space functional and personable
      • Support both solitary and collaborative work

      With these fundamentals in hand and a description of the zones that go into creating a modern hybrid office design, it’s simple to create the specific atmosphere your company is going for.

      Modern office design uses vivid centres and diversity of finishes to achieve the harmony we’re all looking for in the modern workplace.

      Use of space in office fit out

      Greeting Spaces

      Receptions no longer have such a formal role. They still give the first impression as you walk through the door. However, more and more companies need to start using receptionists, especially since the global pandemic and the reduction of face-to-face meetings. 

      Increasingly the reception also adds a relaxed gathering point or even a place to touchdown and log in. Separation isn’t such a big thing, and interaction is more prevalent. It is about finding the right balance within your hybrid working space, somewhere to focus on work and space that can be used as a break-out room. 

      Yes, the reception area still sets a tone for the office, but it no longer needs to be about peaceful waiting and dividing off the visitor. 

      Designing the first impression space can be more diverse whilst not forgetting the ‘greeting’ part.

      Greeting Spaces

      Recharge, Refuel & Recover

      A hybrid office is not just about the work; it is more focused on staff well-being and getting the time needed to take a break from your desk or workplace. 

      Take a break, grab a coffee, and stop for lunch. Balance starts by getting away from your desk and using the time to look after yourself, spending 10 minutes with colleagues.

      If you’re running on empty, you can’t be productive. Revitalise and go again. It works for athletes, so it works for employees as well. 

      Design the modern hybrid workplace with more emphasis on a distinctive style, making the kitchen more of a hub. Transform this usually dull place into a space your team can use to socialise at dinner times and when taking breaks.

      Recharge & Refuel

      Collaboration Is Key 

      Collaboration is known as the No. 1 reason for travelling to work. In the spirit of collaboration, as they say. A mantra for modern times. You need your team members to want to drive to work; they have to want to come and collaborate. 

      We all know how to design enclosed meeting rooms, which still have a vital place in office design. But these close off the spirit that can give the office back its mojo. You need spaces for collaboration, bouncing off each other’s ideas and energy! 

      Drop-in meet-and-gather spaces, impromptu or booked. Virtual catch-ups and creative conversations. The ideas and developments which move things forward start in dialogue and are nurtured face-to-face.

      This is the difference. WFH can’t match up when collab spaces do business.


      Meeting Spaces Are A Must

      Sometimes we all need to get work privacy. But also sometimes we need to get a meeting room and spend time focused on the issue. Huddle the team or talk 1-2-1. 

      Meeting rooms haven’t lost their role. Virtual meetings have placed more demand on quiet backdrops. 

      Meeting spaces need to be flexible, in various sizes and ideally interspersed more.

      Good acoustics help immensely, as does decent audio visual to make it the most effortless plug-and-play setup. Consider pods if reconfiguration is a likelihood.

      Meeting Spaces

      Focus Needs To Be Found 

      There’s still the backbone of office spaces…just getting on with the day job. The needed work must be produced, even in a hybrid working space. 

      It’s time to be more imaginative and make the dedicated work areas more clever.

      Desks are still in demand. Let’s augment these with some other pieces designed to fine-tune. Open-plan desks are too open. Selective enclosures adding just a step up in focus and noise-cancelling is a great way to enhance.

      Flexible and adaptable, loose furniture aimed at low-key screening is easy to add, influential users of space, and easy to reconfigure. The clever office design uses Focus furniture to move more towards a broken plan, adding a dimension.

      Focus, Focus, Focus

      Inspire Your Team 

      Colour, texture and shape are the final ingredients. 

      Interior design brings it all together when you’ve created the perfect space plan that mixes all the spaces.

      Use this guide to define the wish list. Then contact Fusion for a hybrid office interior refurb that takes office from good to great.

      Speak To Fusion Office For Hybrid Office Design Today

      As the world of work continues to change, so must our office designs. By creating a hybrid office design, we can provide employees with the best of both worlds – a mixture of private and public spaces that encourages collaboration and creativity. 

      If you’re interested in learning more about creating a hybrid office design, contact Fusion Office Design today. We would be more than happy to help you create an office space that meets the needs of your business and your employees.