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    Famous Office Landmarks In London

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      Do you work in a boring, regular office? Are you longing for a change of scenery? Why not take inspiration from some of London’s most famous and well-known office landmarks? Whether you’re looking for an awe-inspiring space to work in or want to get some ideas for your own business, read on for a few of our favourites. Spoiler alert: the Gherkin is at the top of our list! 

      Our team here at Fusion Office Design have been providing office design solutions to business across London for several years; during this time, we have taken inspiration from some of the most iconic buildings in the city.  London is the country’s financial and business hub, but trust us when we tell you it is far from bland plain office buildings; these industries are full of quirky and eclectic office spaces that provide energy, innovation and excitement. 

      If you want to transform your office building with a team of professionals, you need to pick up the phone; we are always more than happy to help bring exciting designs and developments to your office. We can answer any questions or queries you may have about office fit-outs, office refurbishments and much more. Pick up the phone today! 

      For now, let’s dive into the offices that already exist in London that have changed the landscape.

      The Gherkin

      30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) 

      The first office on our list is 30 St Mary Axe, better known as The Gherkin. This landmark building was completed in 2003 and stands 180 metres tall with 41 floors. The Gherkin was designed by world-renowned architect Norman Foster and featured a unique, egg-shaped design, making it one of the most iconic buildings across London. Everyone interested in architecture has at some point visited this building; its shape transformed the landscape of London the minute it was finished. 

      The Gherkin is currently used by several major corporations as its office hub, with modern, up-to-date office spaces that provide flexible working environments enjoyed by many! Not only is the Gherkin home to some of the most energic office spaces in London, but it also houses a full panoramic restaurant and bar that is open to the public at the very top, with views of London that are unlike any other. 

      A couple of interesting facts about The Gherkin are that although the shape of the building is not flat, the only piece of curved glass is at the very top of the building; it truly is an architectural wonder. For the staff to reach their office quickly, it also boasts a massive 18 lifts and can travel as fast as six metres per second!  

      The Gherkin is also home to several unique events, such as the regular Friday night DJ sets that take place in the bar. If you’re ever in London and fancy seeing something incredible, add The Gherkin to your list! It is perfect for office design enthusiasts and socialites wanting to enjoy London! 

      The Shard

      The Shard 

      This is one of the most iconic buildings in London and the whole of Europe. It is the tallest building in the UK, standing at 309.6 metres (1,016 feet) and was designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano. It was opened officially in 2012 and has since held the title of the tallest building in London, with it also being the 4th in Europe. The building boasts an impressive 72 floors and has an observation deck. 

      If you haven’t noticed, this is the second of our famous office buildings in London that do not just house companies, but it also is home to several restaurants and bars.  The Shard’s very own Oblix West restaurant is on the 32nd floor and has been awarded 2 Michelin stars. You can also find Aqua Shard on the 31st floor, which offers stunning views of London whilst you enjoy some British seafood. 

      This building is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions, and it’s easy to see why, but it is also home to multiple office spaces. These have all been designed to provide innovative workspaces that offer flexibility, excitement and much more. As a very productivity-focused building, you can see why it has taken the number two position on our list of iconic office buildings in London. 

      Lloyds Of London

      Lloyds Of London

      Lloyd’s of London is the world’s leading specialist insurance market; to keep this status, it needed an office that could deal with the fast-paced environment. It has a long and rich history, dating back to 1688 when it first opened for business on Tower Street. Today, Lloyd’s is based in the iconic Lloyd’s building on Lime Street, designed by world-renowned architect Richard Rogers and completed in 1986. 

      The concept around this incredible building was that the insurance coffee house needed a space that was open and used by multiple people, from brokers to buyers to sellers. It is one of the first ever buildings constructed from steel and glass, giving it a modern look. The Lloyd’s building is an incredible feat of engineering, with over 12,000 pipes that make up the structure of the building. 

      The design of the Lloyds building is something you would expect from a modern sales floor; it is an open plan and provides a live board for all the people within the insurance industry, a chance to keep up to date with any market changes. It is a true feat of genius in a fast-paced working environment, likely to change and develop quickly and needs focus! 

      One Canada Square London

      One Canada Square 

      One Canada Square, also known as the Canary Wharf Tower, is another of London’s most iconic buildings. It was the tallest building in the United Kingdom when it was completed in 1991 and is currently the second tallest after The Shard. The building is home to several businesses, including HSBC, Barclays and Reuters. 

      One Canada Square may not be your typical modern building from the outside, but on the inside, it is unique.  The building was designed with a modern working environment in mind. It is a true feat of genius in a fast-paced working environment, likely to change and develop quickly and needs focus! 

      If you are looking for a state-of-the-art, modern building that will make a statement, then One Canada Square is the perfect choice for you and your business; it has flexible working zones, private offices and even takes mental well-being into account with a vast amount of amenities such as showers, a gym, staff restaurants and cafes along with other individual design concepts added by long-term tenants. 

      Broadgate Tower

      Broadgate Tower 

      Broadgate Tower is a popular choice for businesses in the financial district; it is a modern building with the highest-quality fixtures and fittings. This could be the perfect venue for your business if you work within the financial sector – it has excellent public transport links. It is situated near Liverpool Street station.  Completed in 2008, it is within the top financial buildings in London, offering some of the best offices that suit the dynamic operations of day-to-day financials. 

      Within the impressive 35 storeys, you will find it provides expansive views of London and below is Broadgate Plaza, an avenue filled with seating planters and intricate structures; this theme runs throughout the building as well, as it provides a unique interior design.  The atrium is light and airy, with a sense of space that is unrivalled.

      The architect for the building was Sir Norman Foster, who also worked on notable projects such as London’s Millau Viaduct in France, Beijing International Airport and Berlin’s Reichstag Building. 

      10 Downing Street

      10 Downing Street 

      You may be surprised to see this iconic building on this list of famous office spaces in London. However, it boasts over 100 rooms, and most offer a workplace suitable for every industry.  This is the official residence of the British Prime Minister and has been since 1735, with some of the most notable residents including Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and more recently, Boris Johnson. He guided the country through the global pandemic from the offices inside Downing Street. 

      The historic rooms and corridors have also been the backdrop to some of the most important events and announcements in British politics, such as the declaration of WWII by Neville Chamberlain and the location of many speeches recorded by Prime Ministers for TV. The offices within Downing Street have been designed to be protected and secure, offering flexible and hybrid working solutions. 

      As we said, you may be surprised to see this building on our list of famous office spaces in London, but it is one of the longest-serving office buildings in London. It has been the site of some key political events and is a working office space for many MPs and government officials.

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      If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration (or just want to daydream about being in an office with a view), then look at some of London’s most famous landmarks. From The Gherkin to Lloyd’s building, these iconic structures will surely inspire you when it comes time to design or renovate your office space. 

      And if you need help bringing your vision to life, don’t hesitate to contact Fusion Office Design – we would be happy to assist you! Our team have been experts in office design solutions for several years; whether you are looking for a complete office fit-out or an office refurbishment service, we have all the skills and understanding to help create your dream office space. 

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