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      Fusion Office Design – High End fit Out Contractors London

      high end fit out contractors London

      Fusion Office Design have completed a number of office fit out projects over the last 12 months. As high end fit out contractors in London we’ve worked on some great office designs with our clients. Projects include the Venture X Westfield fit out in London White city. Takara to the east of London and Red Miracle in Brentford West London have both been interesting, technically diverse, office fit outs for clients with high expectations for the finished office interiors.

      A new centre-beam staircase installed at the Venture X fit-out definitely falls within the high-end category. Streamlined and minimal steelwork belies the great engineering effort that brought together design by Fusion, engineering consultancy to ensure structural stability, and fabrication. Glass balustrades enhance the open tread design, helping a 5T staircase to appear light and as ‘floating’ as we could achieve. Installed in 5 sections even the offloading was a technical challenge. Getting the Hiab crane to lift off the lorry without hitting the loading bay ceiling was just the starting point. See more images of the high end office fit out at Westfield here. On high-end office fit out projects we’re always learning something new. The double height skylight feature at Westfield presented a different set of problems. Fixing a glass partition to the rooflight was difficult. Not least of which is the access once the staircase had been installed. A set of access boards covered the stairwell onto which a scaffold tower was rested. The first person to climb up the tower definitely drew the short straw. Of course the design calcs to ensure weight loading were fine…but it still takes faith.

      Project management for high end fit out.

      Office Fit out projects with a high end finish need the greatest of project management care. Handling a wide range of teams delivering overlapping trades and services test the best. Add unwavering deadlines and there’s no hiding place. This makes it all the more satisfying, not to say a relief, when the project completes on time. The best part is when the whole design is revealed, with all the spaces and features in place. When the building architecture and high end fit out come together its possible to appreciate angles, views, and design as intended.

      The fit-out for Takara involved upgrades to a warehouse to create more space for offices and client-facing spaces. New external glazing was added to the steel-clad warehouse. Teapoint, Reception and WCs were all improved, as well as a boardroom and meeting room.

      We’re very proud of the finished fit-out projects delivered over the last 12 months. See our office fit out Case Studies section for more images, or click here to see more about our services.